How to Get a Divorce When You Live in Different Cities

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted May 10, 2023

Divorce is often the result of two lives going in different directions. Sometimes that new direction is reflected in the physical world in the form of a new job or opportunity in another city. During the separation phase before the divorce is even complete, it is not uncommon for one person to pick up and move somewhere new. This makes it easier to leave behind memories, start a new chapter, and to pursue opportunities that had seemed out of reach.

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When two separated spouses live in different cities when it comes time to divorce, how do you handle the situation? How to find amicable, fair solutions and manage negotiation sessions without taking months off for travel and lawyers? Remote divorce mediation may hold the solutions you need for a fast, satisfactory divorce when you can’t be in the same place for meetings.

Divorce Mediation: The Fast and Fair Way

One of the reasons remote spouses choose Denver divorce mediation is because it’s efficient. When you don’t have the time or resources to meet with separate lawyers time and time again – and don’t want to spend on the legal hours – divorce mediation focuses everything you need into concentrated, resolution-focused mediation sessions.

Divorcing remotely, you want to find the best solutions that also require the least intervention. Fighting over every dollar and end-table with the help of lawyers and negotiation sessions is typically far less efficient than meeting to resolve one issue at a time until all your assets and documents are neatly split based on a fair and mutually supportive approach.

Most spouses can complete their divorce within three two-hour Denver divorce mediation sessions. Preparing your documents beforehand can cut this down to only one or two sessions, a total of two to six hours to complete your divorce. For spouses who are already living far apart and just need to finalize the terms, divorce mediation is a great way to make a clean, conflict-free break.

Remote Divorce Mediation by Video Meeting

How does remote Denver divorce mediation work? Recently, many people have become more familiar with video conferencing and the methods of sharing a live meeting without being in the same place. Split Simple uses the same techniques regarding video meetings to hold divorce mediation sessions when both spouses cannot be in the same place at the same time.

Through the use of display software, the mediator can project the financial spreadsheet and separation notes during the meeting so that both spouses can see and work with the same information. The platform will allow both voice and typed or copy/pasted information, making it easy to communicate and share data during the mediation session. Both spouses will be able to voice their concerns and come to agreements with the help of the mediator in a real-time discussion.

How Split Simple Handles Remote Divorce Mediation

Split Simple has handled remote Denver divorce mediation before. We know that two spouses looking to separate cannot always be in the same place, especially if one has moved away. If you live far from your spouse but one of you lives in Denver, then we can help you complete a quick and easy remote divorce mediation process.

To do this right, we have an established process for handling remote mediation.

The Mediator Creates a Video Meeting

First, the mediator will establish a neutral online space by hosting the virtual meeting. Your mediator will help you choose a platform that works best for everyone (usually Zoom) and ensure that there is a strong connection.

During the lead-up, your mediator may ask you to prepare or to scan and send your portfolio of documents regarding your divorce and financial assets. These documents will become part of the presentation and discussion your mediator will prepare for screen sharing udring the meeting.

Both Spouses Join the Meeting Remotely

Once the virtual meeting room is open on-schedule, both spouses will then be responsible for joining the video call remotely in the virtual meeting room. Both remote spouses will be able to see the mediator, each other, and the  spreadsheet presentation where we work out financial matters as part of the Denver divorce mediation process. You can connect from anywhere, but one spouse must officially live in the Denver area.

Both spouses will have a camera’s seat at the table and a view of the mediation space. They will be able to participate in the discussion, working out compromises and agreeing to solutions as the mediation session progresses.

Spreadsheets and Documents are Shared

We ensure that both remote spouses can see and interact with the financial spreadsheets used to reach Denver divorce mediation terms and fair resolutions. We use Zoom presentation features and live file sharing to show and mutually update certain documents.

The spouses can also use Zoom file sharing to share their own documents during the course of the mediation session and submit edits to existing documents. Together, you will discuss matters of finances and terms while the mediator creates notes with which to draft your divorce agreement.

Mediation Replay

After your remote Denver divorce mediation session, both spouses will receive an email that summarizes in clear language the asset allocations, terms, and solutions that were tentatively agreed to during the session. Your mediator will then be available online to go over anything you want to discuss and answer any questions. If everything is agreeable, then you can move forward to request finalized and drafted divorce documents.

Divorcing When You Live Far Away

Denver-based remote divorce mediation doesn’t have to be difficult or prolonged. Split Simple has honed a technique to help distant spouses get a clean, agreeable divorce with just one to three two-hour sessions. The remote spouse will be able to be a complete part of the mediation process without the need to travel to complete your divorce while living and working in another city.

Split Simple can help you with a fast, easy, and uncontested divorce in Denver, Colorado. To find out more or begin your pre-mediation consultation over the phone, Contact Split Simple today.

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