The Role of the Attorney-Mediator

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

When going through a divorce, it’s common and expected to want someone to be “on your side.” You’re going through the dissolution of your marriage and trying to do what’s your best for your children, all while working through the division of a significant amount of property – it’s a difficult, occasionally galling experience, and having someone to champion you seems like the only way to go.

However, we’ve seen time and again through the years that while divorce lawyers are very good at their jobs of representing their clients, the end result is often ugly, and the process for getting there is even uglier.

At Split Simple, we’ve found another way. Through the use of attorney-mediators, we’ve forged an uncontested divorce process that is simpler, more streamlined and more pleasant than traditional courtroom divorces.

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What Is an Attorney-Mediator?

In a traditional legal proceeding, there exists what we refer to as an “adversarial” dynamic: two parties are represented by lawyers who are ethically bound to fight for their clients’ interests. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this dynamic, and in fact it is the foundation of the American legal system.

But it’s not always the right choice, especially when the case in question is a divorce. The process seems inherently adversarial, but it doesn’t have to be. And in our experience, it usually shouldn’t be.

This is where Split Simple and our attorney-mediator come in. One of the basic principles of divorce mediation is that a mediator works to resolve disputes between two parties without favor or bias. He or she does not work for one of the parties at the expense of the other- instead, the mediator is tasked with working through problems in a way that works for both spouses.

The mediator is a disinterested party, which means that he or she has no vested interest in the outcome of a case. You can think of a mediator as a more pro-active version of a baseball umpire, using knowledge of the rules and regulations to objectively guide the parties to a fair outcome.

At Split Simple, our mediators have been trained as lawyers and have worked in family law. This means our attorney-mediators possess a unique set of experiences in this difficult and complicated area of law. Unlike mediators without a law degree, you can be confident that your court ready documents will be drafted in a professional manner.

During your mediation sessions, our attorney-mediator will ensure that both parties are treated fairly and equitably. And we will ensure that the agreement you and your spouse reach will reflect a fair and reasonable balancing of your interests and priorities.

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