Earning a Judge’s Approval for Your Settlement

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Most of the focus in our discussions of our uncontested divorce process has been on the mediation sessions itself, as well as the advantages that come from choosing Split Simple.

But while our attorney-mediators are, of course, quite skilled at navigating through a mediation session and forging agreement between two spouses, it’s important to remember that the process doesn’t end once an agreement has been reached. Any settlement must first be approved by a judge before it can become official.

With Split Simple, this isn’t a problem. It’s one of the many reasons you choose us for your uncontested divorce.

If you’re looking for a divorce mediation firm with a history of earning approval from judges, please call Split Simple today at (855) 665-9920 for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services in Denver.

Our Guarantee to You

For your divorce to finalize and your marriage to officially dissolve, a judge must sign off on the settlement the parties have reached. This is obviously not much of a concern in a courtroom divorce presided over by a judge- the judge is shaping the agreement throughout the process.

However, it can be issue if you opt for a do-it-yourself divorce, as many are doing. The laws governing divorce are complicated and vary from state to state. If the agreement you and your spouse draw up runs afoul of a law, it will not be approved by a judge, and you two will have to go back to the drawing board. And knowing just how to change the settlement in a way that earns a judge’s approval is its own art form.

This is one of the many advantages to choosing Split Simple. When we draw up a divorce settlement, winning a judge’s approval is nearly automatic. Our attorney-mediators are fully aware of all relevant divorce laws and craft agreements accordingly. We have an extraordinary track record of earning a judge’s approval on the first try.

And we make this promise to you: if the judge rejects the agreement we have helped forge, for any reason, we will make the necessary changes completely free of charge. We will not force you to pay extra just to change an agreement.

This is part of our commitment to provide you with transparent, up-front pricing you can rely on.

If you’re considering an uncontested divorce, you need an honest, up-front attorney-mediator with a track record of success. Please call us today at (855) 665-9920 or contact us online for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services in Denver.