Our Divorce Mediation Guarantee

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

A Rigorous, Data-Driven, Transparent Process

One of the most common frustrations for people going through a traditional courtroom divorce is that they don’t really understand why decisions are being made the way they are. There’s a certain opacity to that process, and when the decisions affect your family and your finances, that can be galling.

At Split Simple, our divorce mediators offer a different process. It’s transparent, not opaque. The decisions are carefully explained, not dictated from on-high. And our process lets you affect the course of your divorce through mediation, instead of leaving you confused and powerless.

We have developed a mediation system based on years of experience and data, and we make sure you understand every step of that process.

If you’re looking for a divorce experience that values your time and money, please call us today at (855) 665-9920 or contact us online for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services.

How Divorce Mediation at Split Simple Works

Divorce Mediation Pricing - Split SimpleOur commitment to transparency begins with our pricing. Traditional divorce lawyers usually charge by the hour, plus expenses. This adds up quickly, but even worse, it’s almost impossible to determine how much you can expect to pay when you hire a lawyer.

By contrast, we place our prices on this website for you to consider at your leisure. Not only do we save you money in the long run, you will have the ability to budget accordingly.

But it’s during the Denver and Chicago divorce mediation process that the advantages of our system really make themselves clear. We discuss complicated financial matters in great detail during these sessions, and we know this can be a little confusing, even for numerate, well-educated clients.

That’s why we maintain a running spreadsheet that is projected on a large screen during the session. You will be able to see the effects of every decision made during the session and keep track of them for your own records.

Furthermore, after every session we will e-mail you detailed summaries (with numbers) of what was discussed during the session. You will have a comprehensive record of what was decided during mediation. This eliminates any confusion or frustration at a later date.

All of the decisions made during divorce mediation are made in collaborative discussions between you, your spouse and your attorney-mediators. Nothing is imposed on you — you will be able to solve problems constructively in our setting.

We use sophisticated financial planning software to ensure that both parties are treated fairly during the process. And in crafting a plan to resolve common child care issues, we rely on the latest scientific studies on what provides the best outcomes for your children. We want what’s best for your family, and we believe data can provide at least part of the answer to that question.

What We can Achieve

What Divorce Mediation can Achieve - Split SimpleOn a foundational level, our most important goal is achieving a fair and equitable settlement that accurately meets the needs of both parties in a divorce. This is the basic role of our attorney-mediators.

But working for the best interests of everyone involved…what does that mean, exactly? What are the specific goals within that larger objective? As part of our practice, we are committed to the following specific goals for every client:

  • We want to save you money and time. We understand you want to move on with your life, and a long, dragged-out divorce does not achieve that goal. We move deliberately, but quickly.
  • Our pricing will always be completely open and transparent. We will make it clear what you can expect to pay and we will stick to that figure.
  • We vow that our process will be rigorous, data-driven and transparent, and it will be guided by input from you and your spouse. Terms will not be dictated to you or imposed.
  • We will find a plan to address child care issues that best serves your children. We know this is non-negotiable, and it should be. Whether the issue is child support, custody or any other concern, we will ensure that your children are protected.
  • We will keep the process calm and drama-free. We know that a divorce is an emotional time, and we won’t pretend otherwise. But experience has shown that keeping mediation sessions focused on concrete issues is the most productive course of action.

And finally, we are committed to clear communication. If you have questions about the process or need a reminder on some important point, we’re happy to address your concerns in a way that respects your intellect and your time.

What You can Expect after Your Mediation Session

The Denver and Chicago divorce mediation sessions run by Split Simple’s attorney-mediators cover difficult, complicated issues, many of which are financial in nature. We make sure everyone is on the same page during the session, but we understand it’s easy to lose track of developments after your session.

As part of our uncontested divorce process, we maintain contact with both parties after a session, especially if more are required. We’re committed to finding a fair and equitable agreement, and complete information is required to do this.

We have a proven track record of respecting our clients and keeping them informed at all times. A transparent process is a key element of our system.

And, of course, it’s important to remember that during a Split Simple mediation session, you play a significant role in forging an agreement between you and your spouse. We work with you, not around you, and our agreements reflect input from both parties, not the dictates of a judge.

However, we don’t stop there. After every session, our attorney-mediators will take the time to create a cogent summary of what happened during the session. We then e-mail these summaries to both you and your spouse so that you can review them and save them for your records.

Furthermore, we are always available to answer questions or clarify matters in between mediation sessions. If you’re confused about something you see in a summary, or if you just need a reminder on some issue, contact your attorney-mediator. We’re happy to address your concerns.

Our Availability to You

Divorce Mediation Process - Split SimpleA common complaint from clients is that they often struggle to reach their attorneys, who usually have many different cases and exceptionally busy schedules. Client communication tends to fall by the wayside in these circumstances. At Split Simple, we are committed to being available to you. We answer questions and address concerns, and we do so quickly and clearly.

Forging agreement in a divorce is obviously quite complicated. When the issues are this complex and the emotions this raw, finding common ground is not easy. Our experience has shown that information and data-driven discussion make reaching an agreement much easier.

Confusion over numbers or previously settled points breeds distrust, and the last thing you need is an unpleasant and toxic atmosphere. It’s impossible to work productively in such a situation.

Our availability to you is largely an effort to prevent such an atmosphere from ever fully forming. In the Split Simple uncontested divorce process, you bring your questions and concerns to our objective attorney-mediators – they aren’t funneled through adversarial lawyers who have an interest in ensuring that things drag on as long as possible.

Your attorney-mediators can be reached in a number of ways, and they will provide you with the methods and times that are most convenient. If you have questions or concerns, we address them in the most transparent fashion possible.

We won’t leave you in the dark or ignore your questions. Our goals include ensuring you are satisfied with every step of the process.

If you’re looking for a smarter, simpler and more cost effective divorce process, please contact Split Simple using the form on this page or call (855) 665-9920 today to schedule your free mediation consultation. We serve clients in Denver, Aurora, Boulder and throughout the Front Range of Colorado.