Divorce Mediation or Courtroom Divorce?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

At Split Simple, we operate on a simple but powerful premise: there is nothing mediation can’t work through. Our attorney-mediators located in Denver and Chicago know how to forge agreement when doing so seems impossible.

We understand that you might be a little reluctant to entrust your divorce to the mediation process. There’s undeniably something appealing about having an attorney on your side, someone fighting for you. We’ve come to expect an adversarial dynamic from the legal system. It’s what we see on TV all the time, after all.

But divorce mediation can represent a fair and equitable solution to the problems bedeviling you and your spouse.

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When Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?

Every case is unique, and there’s often a tendency for couples to assume that their problems are so extraordinarily complicated and convoluted that they are unsolvable outside of a courtroom. They don’t think they can work through the problems and they’re ready to throw up their hands and take the case to a judge.

It’s impossible to overstate how many of these types of cases we’ve seen. There is no such thing as a knot that can’t be untied. It’s important to remember that when we refer to “uncontested divorce,” that only means the final agreement is uncontested. Our uncontested divorce process is designed to get two people to that point.

You should seriously consider divorce mediation over a traditional courtroom divorce if you:

  • Want to avoid a costly traditional divorce process in which attorneys charge by the hour and the total price can be opaque
  • Want help with the financial matters associated with divorce
  • Want the assistance of our attorney-mediators in child care issues – statistics show that children whose parents have gone through a mediated divorce have better outcomes than those whose parents went through a traditional courtroom divorce
  • See the advantage of an experienced attorney-mediator who works for and with both parties during the divorce
  • Wish to resolve the divorce quickly and amicably and then move on with your life

We know you probably have questions about the process, and we welcome those questions. You should call us to arrange a consultation where you can discuss your concerns and give us a chance to address them.

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