Child Issues

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Studies prove mediated divorces result in a better future for children. And that’s the goal you should always keep in the front of your mind.

When it comes to children, there are two things we’ve come to understand quite clearly during our years of helping people through divorces. First, both parents love their children unreservedly and want what’s best for them. Second, the toxic effect of an adversarial divorce can negatively affect a child for years.

Questions regarding the handling of a marriage’s children are the most important ones to answer when moving through the divorce process. At Split Simple, our attorney-mediators located in Denver will help you resolve these disputes in a way that recognizes the legitimate concerns and aspirations of both parties.

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The Issues Involved

Put broadly, disputes over children in divorce cases come down to two issues: time and decision-making authority. And, of course, it’s impossible to deny that money is tied in with these concerns.


These disputes are common and emotionally wrought – deciding what time a child spends with each parent, who will make important decisions, all of these questions have to be answered. Our attorney-mediators understand this and know how to find solutions for issues as diverse as:

Of course, every decision will be made in accordance with the laws of your particular state. Some states (such as Colorado) do not even explicitly refer to custody in their divorce laws, while others use this somewhat outdated terminology.

These issues are resolved in a parenting plan, which is exactly what it sounds like: an agreement between the parents resolving any outstanding disputes and addressing the responsibilities of each parent. These plans clearly define the roles and responsibilities of each parent. Parenting plans also contain child support arrangements.

Our Denver attorney-mediators have ample experience resolving issues related to childcare and in crafting fair, equitable parenting plans that gain court approval and are consistent with the latest research on optimal child development.

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