The Meaning of No-Fault Divorce States

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Who’s to blame?

This is one of the most common points of contention in a divorce. And it’s undoubtedly the most counter-productive. Arguing over who’s at-fault for the end of a marriage doesn’t accomplish anything. Instead, it poisons the atmosphere and prevents two reasonable people from finding reasonable solutions.

It’s also irrelevant. Colorado, like many other states, has a no-fault divorce law. As such, our uncontested divorce process is designed to find solutions, not fault. Our experienced attorney-mediators located in Denver will ensure that mediation sessions stay on-task and not devolve into finger-pointing and the dredging up of history.

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What to Know about No-Fault Divorces in Denver

Most people understand in a general way that Colorado is a no-fault state. But when they get into the nitty gritty of a divorce, they often think that responsibility for the breakdown of the divorce will prove relevant and even decisive.

Put very simply, no-fault means no-fault. The state of Colorado (and every other no-fault state) simply does not care about who’s to blame for the divorce. The division of marital assets will generally not be affected by either party’s non-economic behavior in the marriage, no matter how noxious or unpleasant.

It doesn’t matter if a spouse drank heavily and cut off meaningful communication. It doesn’t matter if one spouse was consistently unpleasant. The only needed grounds for a divorce in the state is the argument that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.”

Now, in truly extreme circumstances there might be some consideration of fault. When considering the division of marital assets, economic fault might be relevant- if it’s shown that one spouse flagrantly wasted marital assets, that might affect alimony and other financial considerations.

Furthermore, a recorded history of domestic violence will obviously greatly affect child custody arrangements.

Fortunately, these cases are relatively rare, and very few of those types of cases go to mediation. At Split Simple, we almost always work with clients who might have a great deal of resentment toward each other, but lack the kind of extraordinary circumstances listed above.

As such, we’re not about blame. We’re about solutions. Reaching a fair and equitable settlement is far, far more important than winning an argument about who’s at-fault.

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