Immediately After Your Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

At Split Simple, we recognize that the uncontested divorce process needs to serve a larger goal- putting you, your spouse and your children in a position to succeed once the divorce is final.

We know that no matter how smooth the process, it’s meaningless if everyone involved isn’t well-positioned afterward. Our goals for you include doing everything we can to ensure that both parties are fairly treated and left with enough resources to succeed.

We have a proven track record of doing just that. Our attorney-mediators possess a comprehensive understanding of the financial and familial challenges posed by divorce, and we know how to help you navigate those challenges.

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How We Prepare You for Post-Divorce Life

Divorce lawyers are very good at what they do, which is representing you throughout the process of a traditional courtroom divorce. However, they’re often unconcerned with what happens after the divorce is finalized.

Post-divorce life is not always easy. It’s a difficult emotional time, but more concretely, you’re facing unique financial difficulties while trying to help your children navigate a new family structure.

Here’s how Split Simple positions you to succeed after a divorce:

  • By keeping the process calm and drama-free, we make it easier for you to have a friendly, productive relationship with your ex-spouse
  • We use advanced financial planning software to help with financial matters and ensure you have sufficient resources after the divorce is finalized
  • Studies show that divorce mediation is a superior option for children, who perform better and experience fewer issues than they do after a traditional courtroom divorce
  • We craft a comprehensive parenting plan that resolves all issues related to child care, including custody arrangements, child support and decision-making authority

Our work is only a success if everyone involved in a divorce, including both parties and the children, leaves us well-equipped to move forward in the brave new world they now face.

If you’re considering a mediated divorce and you have questions about the process, please call us today at (855) 665-9920 or contact us online for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services in Denver.