Keeping Calm during a Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Theoretically, a divorce is just like any legal action. There are procedures to follow, financial resources to allocate according to a set of established rules and decisions to be worked out between the parties.

Of course, the reality is far different. A divorce is not just another court case. It’s the formal end of a relationship you’ve built over the course of years. That will inevitably bring with it high emotions, especially if children are involved.

Split Simple recognizes these emotions. We don’t try and eliminate them. But through our uncontested divorce process, we do allow both spouses to work through the issues involved in a calm, productive atmosphere.

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Finding Common Ground and Solutions

The traditional courtroom divorce process tends to exacerbate the inherent emotional turmoil of the situation. Both spouses have lawyers who are represent them and their interests, which tends to turn a divorce into a zero-sum game. You often feel attacked by the other side- that’s the nature of an adversarial system.

The Split Simple process is not adversarial, and it’s not zero-sum. Instead, we do the hard, patient work of forging agreement between two people who want what’s best for their family, even if they’ve decided to end their marriage.

Our attorney-mediators have ample experience in these circumstances. We know how to ensure that a mediation stays calm and on-point. We avoid needless, hostile digressions into blame or long-standing disputes.

Instead, we stay focused on important, quantifiable issues, including:

We don’t treat these issues as fronts in a larger war against the other person. Instead, we help both spouses see them as the important matters of dollars and cents that they are.

If you want the advantage of our skilled attorney-mediators’ years of experience with difficult divorce cases, please call Split Simple today at (855) 665-9920 or contact us online for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services in Denver.