Our Process Works

Uncontested Divorce Mediation



Consultation & Scheduling

Free phone consultation with your mediator and each spouse in order to determine the fixed pricing plan that is right for your divorce. Then set your first mediation appointment at a location and time that is convenient for you.




Mediation Preparation

Before the first session, Split Simple will provide you with our “Critical Mediation Checklist” outlining your mediation topics as well as relevant documents. You will also complete a “Financial Questionnaire”. Your mediator will use the information gained from this Questionnaire to prepare a preliminary analysis of your estate and will reduce your meditation time by up to one hour – saving you time and money.




Mediation Session(s)

Two hour mediation sessions professionally facilitated by your attorney mediator. Your mediator will guide you through the intelligent allocation of your assets and debts utilizing the most current technology for estate allocation and cash flow analysis. You can view progress real time on a large screen monitor during the session. Where applicable you will discuss parenting plan options as well as relevant research in order to determine the best parenting plan for your children. You mediator will also provide an estimated post divorce after tax cash flow reflecting the impact of your new tax filing status and support plan. Contact us for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services in Denver




Mediation Replay

Following each session you will receive a copy of your proposed asset and debt allocation as well as a summary of the topics discussed and tentative agreements reached during mediation. Your mediator remains available to answer your questions between sessions and provide ongoing support for all court interactions until your divorce is finalized. Contact us for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services in Denver





Your mediator will prepare a comprehensive, yet understandable (no “legalese”) “Separation Agreement” and (where applicable) “Parenting Plan” as well as all relevant court documents. You will review all of your divorce documents with your mediator so that you understand what you are signing, before you sign it.




Your Guarantee

You then leave this final document review session with all documents necessary to finalize your divorce. You will sign the documents at a time and place that is right for you. You also take with you, Split Simple’s “Guaranteed Court Acceptance” – if the Judge does not accept your Split Simple documents, there are no further charges in order to achieve court approval.