How We Forge Agreement

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Divorces are rarely easy. This is still the case with an uncontested divorce, the meaning of which refers to the final agreement, not the beginning of the process.

There are complicated, emotionally wrought issues to work through in any divorce, including those we handle at Split Simple. Money and child care issues are never simple, even in the middle of a healthy, happy marriage. When they’re being hashed out during a divorce, finding an agreement can seem impossible.

But it’s not. We know that from years of experience. Our uncontested divorce process is designed to cut through the weeds and forge an agreement between you and your spouse.

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Working Through Disagreement

We have the same conversation with prospective clients more times than we can count- two spouses are considering divorce, and they’re naturally inclined to try mediation instead of a traditional courtroom divorce. But they think the issues they’re facing are intractable- there’s no way they will ever agree on issues X, Y and Z.

But there are no problems that mediation is unable to solve. We make this statement because we’ve seen that it’s true. We’ve seen previously intransigent spouses work together to find solutions to difficult problems.

We forge agreement through a rigorous, transparent, data-driven process. That process has the following features, all of which are designed to solve problems:

  • We keep the process calm and drama-free; our attorney-mediators don’t let issues get bogged down by past resentments
  • Our attorney-mediators work with both sides in a fair, objective fashion
  • We break down financial issues into clear, black and white, easily understood elements so that there’s no confusion
  • Split Simple is committed to transparent communication before, during and after our mediation sessions
  • We help with financial matters, including long-term financial planning, so both parties know they’re being accounted for and taken care of during the process

Ultimately, knowing how to bring two people together requires the sort of “feel” that only comes from years of experience. Our attorney-mediators possess this experience and understand the psychology at play in divorce- we know how to work through the resentments, disappointments and heartbreaks that so often undercut divorce negotiations.

If you’re considering divorce and you think mediation might represent a superior option, please call us today at (855) 665-9920 or contact us online for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services in Denver.