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Denver Divorce Mediation & Divorce Settlement - Split SimpleGoing through a divorce is always a difficult experience, but there are ways to make the process less stressful and traumatic. If you are willing and able to seek a more amicable resolution to your divorce, then mediation may be a great option for you. Divorce mediation in Denver can help you avoid many of the costly expenses associated with going to court, and in most instances it will result in a better divorce settlement that more effectively addresses the needs and interests of each spouse.

At Split Simple, we provide divorce mediation services to individuals in Boulder, Denver, Aurora and throughout the Front Range of Colorado. We understand the complex issues associated with the divorce process, and we can help you craft an agreement that will be mutually beneficial to you and your spouse, allowing you to move on with your lives more quickly and easily.

You can find out whether you are a good candidate for divorce mediation by speaking with the attorney-mediators at Split Simple in person. Please call (855) 665-9920 today to schedule a free consultation.

What Is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional divorce. The process involves working with a neutral third party, called a mediator, who can help you and your spouse work together collaboratively in order to resolve the issues associated with your divorce. The mediator doesn’t have the authority to make binding decisions during your divorce. Instead, the divorce mediator acts as a facilitator to help you and your spouse come to an agreement that is fair and sensible for everyone involved.

Just about any issue addressed in a traditional litigated divorce can also be worked out through mediation. This may include:

Basic Principles of Settlement with Divorce Mediation

At Split Simple, we’ve built an uncontested divorce process that works. We know this because we’ve seen it work, and we’ve honed our system over years of experience. Our mediation process is built on the foundation of some core mediation principles, including:

  • Divorces are best handled in a calm environment where the goal is a productive exchange of ideas
  • Mediation should strive to increase each party’s sense of engagement, ownership and agency – divorce settlements are best when they reflect the contributions of all parties, not just the dictates of a more powerful authority figure
  • Mediation should be fair and impartial – the attorney-mediator should not favor one side or the other and should be a disinterested party
  • Divorce mediators should possess significant experience in the field of family law and have the relevant knowledge base required to make informed decisions
  • Divorce mediation involving child care issues should be concerned above all else with the best interests of the child

Every case in Denver is unique, and there are a number of specific policies we have to handle individual issues. But these principles define our larger practice and the way we handle mediation.

The Role of a Divorce Attorney-Mediator

In a traditional legal proceeding, there exists what we refer to as an “adversarial” dynamic: two parties are represented by lawyers who are ethically bound to fight for their clients’ interests. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with this dynamic, and in fact it is the foundation of the American legal system.

If you’re located in Denver and looking for a smarter, simpler and more cost effective divorce process, please contact Split Simple using the form on this page or call (855) 665-9920 today to schedule your free consultation. Our divorce mediators serve clients in Boulder, Denver, Aurora and throughout the Front Range of Colorado.

You would like to avoid conflict – Mediation strives to reduce the acrimony and conflict that occurs through the more adversarial process of a traditional divorce. Avoiding this conflict can make the process easier on your children and create a better co-parenting relationship moving forward. It can also help you reduce the stress associated with divorce.

But it’s not always the right choice, especially when the case in question is a divorce. The process seems inherently adversarial, but it doesn’t have to be. And in our experience, it usually shouldn’t be.

This is where Split Simple and our attorney-mediator come in. One of the basic principles of divorce settlement mediation is that a mediator works to resolve disputes between two parties without favor or bias. He or she does not work for one of the parties at the expense of the other. Instead, the mediator is tasked with resolving disputes in a way that is beneficial for both spouses.

At Split Simple, our mediators have been trained as lawyers and have worked in family law. This means our attorney-mediators possess a unique set of experiences in this difficult and complicated area of mediation law. Unlike mediators without a law degree, you can be confident that your court-ready documents will be drafted in a professional manner.

During your mediation sessions, our attorney-mediator will ensure that both parties are treated fairly and equitably. And we will ensure that the agreement you and your spouse reach will reflect a fair and reasonable balancing of your interests and priorities.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Choosing mediation will provide you with several important benefits compared with a traditional litigated divorce:

  • Minimizes the emotional and financial stress associated with divorce
  • Reduces legal fees and eliminates court costs, making it a more affordable alternative to traditional divorce
  • Reduces the time required to reach an agreement
  • Allows you and your spouse to maintain control over the process instead of having important issues decided by a judge who isn’t familiar with the unique needs of your family
  • Promotes parenting agreements that are more child-focused, allowing your children to experience a smoother transition to post-divorce life
  • Fosters a more collaborative, cooperative and respectful environment that allows you to arrive at more creative solutions to the issues in dispute
  • Confidential process that ensures your dispute will not be entered into public record
  • Fosters better communication between you and your spouse moving forward, which can be very important in working out future parenting issues
  • Typically results in an agreement that is fairer for both parties

Is Divorce Mediation Right for Me?