Meet Divorce Mediator Chris Griffith

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: As an attorney mediator, I have spent the last 20 years working with families in crisis.

First, I was a marriage and family therapist working with couples not only in addiction treatment but also how to move forward with their lives following a divorce.

Next, after law school, I worked in boutique family law firms helping couples in high conflict as well as high asset cases. However, throughout that legal process, it seemed like the divorce in courtrooms were not appropriate places for families during this difficult time. That lead me to mediation, and for more than the last 13 years I’ve been exclusively helping couples in Colorado through their divorce issues in the process of mediation.

I help couples move forward on their lives in the future rather than focusing on the bitterness and strife in the past. Contact me, attorney mediator Chris Griffith today, 720-501-4600 or at for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services in Denver. And remember, we have a free initial consultation.