Guaranteed Acceptance of Split Simple Court Documents

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: At Split Simple, we have a very unique guarantee and it’s a guaranteed court acceptance of all the documents we’ve prepared for you.

When you submit your documents in your divorce in Colorado, a court will review those to make sure those are generally fair to you and your spouse, as well as in the best interest of your children. At Split Simple, we stand behind the documents that we prepared for you, and in the highly unlikely event that a judge refuses to sign off on the documents that we’ve prepared, we’ll make it right. We won’t charge you any further to make sure those documents are accepted by the court.

Give us a call, 720-501-4600, to learn more about the Split Simple guaranteed court acceptance. Or read more about this at If you have any questions about divorce or the mediation process at Split Simple, don’t hesitate to call for Chicago divorce mediation and uncontested divorce services in Denver. And remember, we have a free initial consultation.