The Role of Prenuptial Agreements

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As divorce has grown into a reality for tens of millions of Americans, many couples (especially, though not exclusively, those with high-value estates) have opted to sign prenuptial agreements before getting married.

Every couple has to make a decision about whether or not to sign a prenuptial agreement on the basis of their own unique circumstances. And should a marriage proceeded by a prenuptial agreement end in divorce, it’s important that you still go through a rigorous, transparent, data-driven process for finalizing the dissolution.

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Why Mediation Is Still Necessary for Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is essentially a contract two people sign before getting married. It’s a kind of worst-case scenario preparation document- it sets our rules governing the dispersal of assets in the event the marriage is dissolved.

Prenuptial agreements can contain a huge range of provisions, but common provisions include:

  • Debt liability limitations
  • The protection of family heirlooms
  • Defining property division
  • Defining marital responsibilities

Child custody cannot be included in a prenuptial agreement. Each state has its own laws governing these documents.

A prenuptial agreement can certainly make divorce simpler. It clarifies and streamlines many difficult issues. But it’s not a get-out-of-mediation-free card. After all, a prenuptial agreement is only as good as the lawyer drawing it up. A poorly drafted document can leave a great deal of uncertainty. And even a well-drawn prenuptial agreement can be open to interpretation.

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At Split Simple, we’ve helped many couples who drafted such an agreement before marriage but still have open questions to resolve. Our Denver attorney-mediators understand the complexities of legal interpretation, and we know how to work through any issues that weren’t covered in the initial agreement.

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