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Prenuptial Agreements in a Collaborative Divorce | Split SimplePrenuptial agreements have grown in popularity in Chicago and around the country. These agreements make the process of ending a divorce simpler and less contentious.

That’s the theory, at least. Many couples have entered into divorce proceedings and found there were a range of issues that needed to be worked out between them. Put simply, a prenuptial agreement does not negate the need for mediation.

At Split Simple, our attorney-mediators understand this. We know how to read prenuptial agreements and how to craft a divorce settlement that equitably resolves outstanding issues in a way that is consistent with any existing agreements.

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As with most products, the value of your prenuptial agreement is dependent in large part on the care and foresight that went into crafting it. If your pre-nup was written by an experienced, conscientious attorney who was capable of understanding the many complex issues that arise in a divorce, it can make things much easier. But if your pre-nup was written instead in broad strokes and just dealt with the “big” issues, you’ll find yourself with a lot of questions and concerns.

Of course, this isn’t to imply that the only reason you’ll need mediation with a prenuptial agreement is incompetence. Lots of unforeseen issues can arise between the time an agreement was drafted and a divorce is necessary.

Remember, under Illinois law child support and child custody cannot be handled in a pre-nuptial agreement. These and other child care concerns still need to be worked out before any divorce is final.

A prenuptial agreement can provide boundaries for divorce mediation, but you still need a skilled attorney-mediator to help you navigate within those boundaries. That’s where Split Simple comes in. We will work with both parties and use our skill and experience to resolve all outstanding disputes.

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