Non-Alimony Financial Issues

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Non-Alimony Financial Matters in Divorce Mediation | ChicagoAt Split Simple, our primary responsibility is to protect both parties to a divorce and set them up for happy, productive lives moving forward. And at the end of the day, this basically comes down to one thing: a mediator's ability to hear both parties and lead them to a constructive resolution of their child related and financial issues.

It is easy to forget, in the acrimony and emotional devastation of a divorce, that the end of a marriage is frightening because of the unknown financial and child related consequences. That fear breeds anger. One of our key responsibilities is to ensure that our mediation sessions stay on task and focused on substantive issues.

Alimony is a significant concern in most divorces. But it's far from the only economic matter that must be handled. Split Simple's attorney-mediators will work with both parties to ensure that all outstanding financial issues are resolved in a fair and equitable settlement.

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How Can Split Simple Help?

Like everything else associated with a divorce, the economics of a marital separation can get messy and complicated. Working through the mess requires skill, experience and patience.

Those are the three pillars of our practice. Split Simple's attorney-mediators work with both sides to ensure that financial issues are resolved amicably and equitably.

These issues include:

Our attorney-mediators are trained to handle these issues. We understand the law, but that's not the limit of our experience. We also understand the economics of divorce and the long-term financial issues it can create.

We will use advanced financial planning software to ensure both parties in a divorce are fairly treated and set up to succeed in post-marital life. And we will take a comprehensive approach that considers all relevant financial factors – you deserve nothing less.

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