A Smarter Divorce – Chicago and nearby Illinois areas

Split Simple is committed to bringing our high-quality divorce mediation services to as many people as possible. We know that our uncontested divorce process can do extraordinary things for couples who had despaired of reaching a productive and equitable settlement.

That’s why we have offices throughout the Chicago area. We want to be as available as possible so that we can work with your schedule and find times that are convenient for both parties.

If you want to learn more about Split Simple and our philosophy, please call us today at 855-665-9920 for a free Chicago divorce mediation consultation.

Where We’re Located

With offices sprinkled throughout the Chicago, Illinois area, we make it easy to meet with a Chicago Divorce Mediation Attorney. This makes it easier for us to arrange mediation sessions at times that work for everyone involved.

We have the following office locations:

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Remote Mediation

Of course, we understand that making an in-person meeting can be impossible, even with all of these office locations. That’s why Split Simple is proud to offer remote mediation services.

With remote mediation, we can help spouses who live far away from each other conduct a session via screen sharing. Our attorney-mediator will sit in a room with one party, while the other party conferences in using advanced technology. The session proceeds as normal, and the person conferencing in will be able to see every document generated during the discussion thanks to screen-sharing technology.

This service is useful for military members serving overseas, as well as anyone who life has taken far away from the Chicago area.

If you’re considering a divorce, choose the smarter, simpler option – choose Split Simple. Please call us today at 855-665-9920 for a free Chicago divorce mediation consultation.