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A Smarter Divorce – Chicago and nearby Illinois areas

Financial Concerns in Collaborative Divorce | Chicago ILOf the many flaws in the traditional courtroom divorce process, one of the worst is the possibility of financial devastation for one or both parties. When you turn over control of your finances to a judge, you always run the risk that the judge will decide in a way that leaves you hamstrung in your new life.

That insight was a crucial element in our decision to create a better, smarter uncontested divorce process. We had seen too many people leave a divorce with no good options for long-term financial security.

One of Split Simple's goals is to prevent this from happening. We want to forge a fair and equitable divorce settlement, yes. But we also want both parties to walk away from the process on sound financial footing.

If you live in or around Chicago, Illinois and you're looking for a divorce mediator who understands the financial stresses you're under and can help you with them, please call Split Simple today at 855-665-9920.

Putting You on the Right Path

You've spent years with a person, entwining your finances with theirs, making a home with them, paying bills with them, living on two incomes and perhaps raising children together. You've decided a divorce is the right thing for both of you, but how will you navigate your finances after your separation? How will debts be divided? What about your retirement accounts?

These questions are quite intimidating, and they're just the beginning. The financial implications of a divorce are staggering.

But you shouldn't let them prevent you from doing what's right. These are knotty questions, to be sure, but knots can be untied with careful, skilled, dexterous efforts. Split Simple's attorney-mediators are trained in untying baffling knots.

We use sophisticated financial planning software to work through these questions. We will take into account the respective incomes of both parties, your expenses and a host of other factors, all in a quest to ensure that both of you are fairly treated.

And at all points this financial planning will be transparent and up-front. Your data will be displayed on clear spreadsheets you can review at your leisure. We welcome your questions throughout the mediation process, and we will treat you with the respect you deserve.

We know that a successful divorce is not just a final settlement. A successful divorce is one in which both parties are empowered to pursue happiness in their new lives and have the resources to do so.

If you have questions about Split Simple's Chicago divorce mediation process and how it handles financial planning, please call Split Simple today at 855-665-9920. We help people throughout the Chicago, Illinois area.