Your Time is Valuable 

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted January 26, 2021

There not many divorce professionals who possess this viewpoint of your time.  Ordinarily, Colorado divorce mediators and attorneys charge you by the hour for their time but they forget the value of your time spent on a divorce and away from work, family and fun.

Split Simple Respects your Time During Divorce Mediation

Meetings with divorce attorneys and mediators as well as court hearings take time, and it is not just the face to face time but also the preparation and “recovery time” after such meetings that steals moments from the more enjoyable parts of your life outside of your Colorado divorce. For many people, spending time on their divorce is much like sitting in the dentist’s chair – and the less time you spend in that chair, the better.

Moreover, given the hourly billing model of a divorce, where is the motivation for a divorce mediator or attorney to be efficient with your time and costs?  In other words, the more time they spend on your case, the more money that will be billed to you.  Doesn’t it make you feel just a bit uneasy knowing you will pay more for a service when your service provider is not efficient with your time? Until recently you had no choice as a consumer in this arena as there are no quality fixed fee divorce services in Colorado, just stand alone “do it yourself” options.  Split Simple is here to change that model and that is why we developed our unique fixed fee pricing plan.

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Years of experience and thousands of cases have helped me to refine a solution focused mediation process that incorporates technology while harnessing the knowledge and intelligence of our customers.  The result is that Split Simple has a proven model allowing us to offer customers a flat fee for divorce mediation in Colorado.

How Will Your Divorce Mediators Work for You?

As you interview potential divorce mediators or lawyers, ask them whether they offer a flat fee – the best answer you will likely receive is a general range of potential costs.  Our mediation model is directive and intelligent, allowing you provide the mediator with necessary information and in return you obtain the information and direction needed from the mediator.

You will likely speak with mediators (many who are not attorneys) who charge a low hourly rate.  Remember to ask these divorce mediators how many hours they anticipate spending with you in mediation and remember how many hours this takes away from your otherwise busy life.  Split Simple customers typically resolve all issues one or two mediation sessions.  Other mediators will require more than three mediation sessions and more mediation means more time away from the rest of your life and more time until you begin to move forward with your life.  The Split Simple flat fee pricing program places a premium our effectively using your time because let’s face it, no one really enjoys seeing their divorce mediator in the first place!

Contact Split Simple for Divorce Mediation Today

At Split Simple we are confident in the divorce mediation process we provide to our customers and our customers appreciate the efficiency and intelligence we deliver.  Clients appreciate the limited but effective time spent in the divorce process as well as our appreciation of their valuable time. Our Flat Fee pricing plan is unique to the industry and one that places a premium on the time of our clients rather than the time billed.  Give us a call today to discuss which flat fee arrangement is right for you.

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