Why Should Divorce be Simple?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted January 26, 2021

The life changing event of divorce is not easy. No one decides to divorce in an instant. Just the path to the “divorce decision” is filled with pain, fear, lost hopes and remorse. The financial and emotional turmoil associated with an actual divorce is life altering. Divorce ranks second to only the death of a loved one in terms of the most difficult life events. The legal aspects of the divorce process should not take even more from a person’s pocketbook or soul than the emotional and financial pain that the divorce itself will bring. At Split Simple, your Colorado Divorce Mediation Experts, we offer a more straightforward path through the legal aspects of your divorce.

Many years ago, most states required the finding of “fault” for the granting of a divorce. Although some states retain this archaic concept, Colorado divorce laws have done away with this requirement for a divorce. Requiring a finding of fault (i.e. who “caused” the divorce) did make the divorce process more expensive, but it did not create more rewarding marriages or promote the personal and relationship healing necessary after a divorce.

Divorce Mediation Helps Keep Divorce Simple

For some couples, the start of a divorce means that “the gloves come off” – it is time to say those things to your partner you have always wanted to say, “You never thanked me for one dinner I made for this family”, “I hate your parents, why do they have to keep butting into our lives”, and the dagger…”I fell out of love with you a long time ago.” Many attorney ads and websites in the divorce industry capitalize on these raw emotions and promise some level of satisfaction, revenge and payback through the litigated divorce process. Even in no fault divorce states like Colorado, this mud slinging can become part of the divorce dialogue escalating emotional and financial costs. But talk to those who have walked that path – the feelings of revenge and payback promised by those ads never seem to overcome the true underlying feelings of sadness and heartache. Ultimately when you speak to people who have walked that path of the litigated divorce, they will tell you that the cost many times far outweighs the gain. The pain of the life event of a divorce cannot be dulled by this litigious divorce process.

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While representation may be necessary for some couples, the majority of Colorado divorcing spouses seek resolution of their divorce without an attorney. Rather than creating further conflict and emotional pain, these couples choose the path of healing and moving forward.

At Split Simple, our attorney mediators provide clients with the direction, tools and information necessary to resolve their divorce. This process allows clients to focus on how to move forward with their lives and heal their soul, rather than losing the financial and emotional capital so often associated with the litigated divorce. Our straightforward process and fixed pricing plan removes the drama and focuses on the solution. You will retain the sanity and assets to begin to rebuild your life.

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The emotional and financial struggles associated with any divorce is tough enough. The legal divorce process should not make things more difficult. Give us a call today if you would like to move forward.

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