Why Is it Important to Shield My Child from Arguments during Divorce?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted September 23, 2016

Shielding Children from Child Custody Arguments - DenverDivorce is hard on everyone, but it's especially hard on children. It's impossible to overstate just how difficult it is for a child to deal with the break-up of his or her parents' marriage.

Divorce is also an emotional time for you and your spouse, and because of these emotions, it's easy to unintentionally drag your children into your arguments. This is a terrible mistake, and it's one you need to avoid.

The knowledge that parents are going through a divorce, and that child custody is a serious issue, is enough for a child to deal with without having to see unpleasant arguments. Witnessing these arguments can shake a child's faith in his or her parents and undermine their authority. Even during a divorce, you need to present a unified front to your children and re-assure them that the fundamentals of their life are not falling apart.

One of the benefits of divorce mediation with Split Simple is that these arguments do not dominate your lives. We ensure that your divorce is treated rationally and professionally. Our mediation sessions diffuse unpleasant emotions and keep the conversation on the right track.

We know how emotional child custody issues are. But we also know you want what's best for your children. Split Simple's unique approach to divorce ensures you can shield your children from the worst elements of a divorce by eliminating these elements entirely. This is all possible because you and your spouse won't be bringing the drama and bitterness that often occurs in a courtroom back home. Instead, you will work together amicably to resolve your issues at the negotiating table.

If you're living in the Denver, Colorado area and you're looking for a divorce mediation solution that enables you and your spouse to professionally address child custody and other issues, please call Split Simple today at 855-665-9920 for a free consultation.