Why Divorce Mediation In Denver Is Essentially Best for You Post COVID

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted March 17, 2021

Ending a marriage can be very emotional and have financial complications. It can be one of the hardest challenges you’ll face in life depending on the circumstances. According to 2018 statistics, “there were 782, 032 divorces or annulments in the United States.” 

A divorce can be challenging, but Denver divorce mediation is available to reduce the long-term emotional impact and to offset the huge financial costs. Traditional divorce takes place in a courtroom in front of a judge, but mediation is a great way to also legally dissolve your marriage. Keep reading more details below to find out how mediation is a better alternative to court. 

The Challenges of Divorce 

A divorce can have quite a few challenges including child custody, financial support, and disagreements over property to name a few. In fact, things can get tough if it’s your first divorce or if you have a lot of assets. The most complicated divorces occur because one or both parties are contesting parts of the divorce. 

If both parties can’t get beyond their differences, they’ll go before a judge to make a decision on those discrepancies. Once the judge makes a ruling on your divorce, it’s called a divorce decree. Then the divorce and the conditions of the divorce become legally binding. But, do you really want the court’s to decide and dissolve your marriage? 

How Mediation Can Simplify The Divorce Process 

1. Financial Costs 

The costs of a divorce is based on many factors including the state of residency. In Denver, the average divorce costs $15,000. If there’s shared finances or property, the price can be significantly higher. 

Mediation has the same legal binding discretion as the court and costs far less. Mediation is an alternative to court and is an opportunity to utilize a third party to help initiate a compromise on any contested areas of the divorce. 

2. Time Compatible 

A typical court date can disrupt your life and have bad timing. Denver divorce mediation allows you and the other party to choose the best time to mediate a divorce. You can schedule a date and time that’s compatible with your daily activities (i.e. work, doctor’s appointment, etc.). Once you or your attorney arrange mediation, a date is set, and both parties are notified prior to the mediation date to ensure all parties will be present. In fact, unlike a court date, you can also reschedule mediation without penalties. A mediator can also save you time and money by handling additional paperwork that’s needed for the court. 

Note: Divorce mediation with Split Simple resolves nearly 100% of all cases.

3. Confidential

Instead of pouring your heart out in open court, mediation gives you a private setting for both parties. You have the opportunity to contest delicate matters like who gets custody of the children in a closed door setting. Confidentiality can make it easier for both parties to discuss the sensitive matters of the divorce and come to an amicable agreement. 

4. Legal Expertise 

denver divorce mediators

A mediator has expertise with Denver divorce laws. They can help you understand what to expect from a potential agreement. For example, if you have questions, the mediator will answer your questions and inform you of the basis of your Denver divorce mediation. Many people want to know is there grounds for divorce or who will take custody of the kids? A mediator’s goal is to guide you through the divorce process using mediation. However, a mediator is not permitted to give legal advice, but they can help you successfully dissolve your marriage according to Colorado law. 

Denver divorce laws can be complicated and require the help of a legal professional to interpret the law. Finances, property, assets, children, loans, debt, and unexpected expenses can all create obstacles when it comes to divorce, but mediation can help individual’s resolve these issues. 

5. Unbiased Opinion 

A mediator is bound to neutrality. A particular party may seek out mediation, but the mediator shouldn’t be expected to take sides. Their goal is to be a neutral third party for client’s seeking divorce. Both parties will have an opportunity to present their information, the resolution they expect, and the mediator will draft an acceptable agreement. Mediation is an opportunity to come to a compromise on the legal elements of your divorce. 

Why Split Simple Is The Best Mediation For Your Divorce 

At Split Simple, we take a sensitive approach to Denver divorce mediation. We understand the emotions of negotiating almost everything you and your former spouse have built over the years. As experienced attorney-mediators, we have the legal expertise to save you time, money, and establish a fair agreement. 

An equitable agreement can help you begin to rebuild your life. Our mediation process is also in the best interest of the children of our clients. You’re invited to Contact Split Simple today for more details on mediation for your divorce today. 

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