What to Offer Your Spouse in Divorce Mediation Asset Division

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Posted March 14, 2024

When going into divorce negotiations, splitting your assets is one of the most important steps. During this process, negotiation is key. No doubt, there will be a few things you want to keep and it’s important to have a similar list of items that you’fre willing to offer your spouse in return. This list can include items that you know they will want and valuable assets that have no special value to you, therefore make effective financial ballast on the scale. Having these items ready to offer makes negotiation easier and can help your spouse relax about whether the asset division is going in their favor. 

At Split Simple, our goal is to lead Denver divorce mediation sessions for productive and long-term beneficial divorce agreements, including asset negotiations that leave everyone satisfied. We can suggest a list of practical items and asset categories you can offer your spouse to foster goodwill and balance the scales when there are special things you want.

What Makes a Good Offer?

The best way to build this unique list is to consider three factors

  • Things your spouse wants to keep, even if they don’t remember to ask
  • Things of value that can help tip the scales at a strategic moment
  • Things that have no sentimental meaning or practical value for you.

The following assets should easily fall into these categories, making them valuable negotiation offers to put on the table during your divore mediation discussions.

1. Their Keepsakes and Premarital Items

If you have control over the house or personal storage locker, collect your spouse’s keepsakes and personal items. Include boxes they had forgotten about but would hate to lose. Instead of holding them hostage like a divorce in a television drama, package these special items neatly and make them into a peace offering. 

Many of these keepsakes will be premarital, meaning your spouse owned them before the marriage and the items still belong exclusively to them. These items will not be calculated in the asset split, but making these items easily available to your spouse is a good way to make it clear that you are negotiating in good faith.

2. Personal Possessions

Personal items have value and can be considered included in the asset division. While your collection of t-shirts and jeans probably isn’t worth considering, it is common for successful men and women to have a valuable wardrobe of business casual clothes, formalwear, and high-value accessories that can tally up to several thousand dollars altogether.

Consider the value of your personal possessions and those of your spouse. If they are of similar value, simply mention that each set balances the other. If their personal possessions are of significantly greater value because of their job or tastes, you can offer to leave their collection untouched in return for something of similar value that you would like to keep in trade, like your favorite piece of art or antique furniture.

3. Their Favorite Car

In most modern marriages, each spouse has their own car. However, selling high-value cars often comes into question during the asset division process. If your spouse loves their car, be prepared to offer it to them without a fight. This offer is especially effective if your spouse knows that their car is significantly more valuable than the car you drive, therefore simply keeping your personal vehicles would not equally balance the scales. 

In return for not suggesting that they sell the more valuable car, you can ask for something equal to the difference in value between the two vehicles.

4. The House, If You Don’t Want It

In a divorce, some people are obsessed with keeping the jointly owned house, and some are not. In reality, it is often much more costly than it seems to keep a once-shared house on a single income. If you don’t want the expense or the hassle and your spouse truly wants the house, this is a monumental item on the balance sheet.

In return for keeping the house, you can ask for a large portion of the shared finances, valuable investments, and more than a few of your favorite items.

5. The Furnishings From Their Favorite Rooms

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If your spouse is leaving the house to start their own household, you can offer them everything they need to rebuild their favorite room. If it’s the den, offer your spouse their favorite leather sofa and chair set, the big screen TV, and the sound system that they spent so many happy hours setting up and enjoying. If it’s the sunroom, offer your spouse all their favorite houseplants, planters, and wicker furniture. 

If the items are high-value, you can balance the value with personal asks. But it doesn’t have to be. This is an offer of goodwill, one that will help your spouse more easily grant more sentimental requests that you might make, such as the contents of your favorite room.

6. Valuable Furniture and Items You Don’t Care About

Every piece of furniture in your house is a potential bargaining chip. Large furniture is often worth a few hundred to a few thousand dollars each, and most people are not that sentimental about their everyday furniture. Splitting up the furniture to decorate your separate household or just to sell for the money can be a helpful way to quickly keep the scales balanced when making specific requests during asset negotiations.

7. Valuable Items You Plan to Replace

Then there are items you’ve been dreaming of replacing. Giving up the big television is easy to do when you already have your eye on a new model. It might be easy to give your spouse a valuable car if you already want to buy a new one. You might want to decorate your new home in an entirely new style, and have no qualms about leaving behind all the valuable furniture in trade for their value in cash.

Splitting Assets for Mutual Benefit with Divorce Mediation

When it comes time to split your assets, a Denver divorce mediator can help you get the things you want most from the division while also ensuring that the scale is even. Having a list of things you can easily offer next to the list of things you want to keep can make this process both fast and friendly.  Split Simple can help you achieve the best possible divorce outcome with a practical and accommodating asset division process. Contact Split Simple today to schedule your initial consultation.

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