What to Do Before You Call a Denver Divorce Attorney

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted September 29, 2021

When you’re considering the big decision of divorce, it’s important to have someone you can talk to about the issue. But that someone doesn’t need to be your divorce attorney. Often, spouses will seek out an attorney for consultation early in the divorce process, and it’s good to know your options. But this can also get the legal process involved far sooner than necessary, at some expense in billable hours. 

Your lawyer is going to ask you for paperwork or offer to compile it for you. They will suggest you take certain emotional and logical steps to prepare for the divorce, and Denver divorce mediators often spend some time as counselors along the way. You can save a bundle in billable hours by taking care of all these steps before you speak to a Denver divorce attorney and get the legal ball rolling.

Let’s dive into the smart steps anyone can take before calling the divorce attorney to streamline the process, reducing both costs and stress.  

Build a Dossier on Yourself

You are about to change your legal status from married to single. Your taxes will change, your residence may change, even your name might change. You’re also about to build a solo life from the ground up. The effort to put together all your financial, medical, legal, and career documents in one place is going to be pretty enormous.

uncontested divorce mediatos denver

The fun approach is to consider it a spy’s dossier on yourself. Go through the necessary steps to put together the ultimate file on you, anything you might need to divorce, move, buy a house, get a new doctor, or enroll your kids in school should be included. It’ll save you time looking for everything later on.

Get a Full View of Your Finances

Divorce and finances are always closely woven together. Many spouses share banking accounts, household accounts, or credit cards as part of running a shared household. Separating these accounts can be complicated, especially if they remain active (to continue paying bills) through the divorce. 

Determine your personal finances, accounts and cards only in your name, and the shape they’re in. Then assess the shared finances and decide whether there’s a risk of stress or revenge spending. It is often necessary to freeze shared accounts when a divorce is in progress. Then get a view of your spouse’s finances and determine if they have any assets or debts you were unaware of.

This will better prepare you for the financial stage of the divorce process.

Talk It Out With a Personal Confidant

It’s common to open up to your divorce lawyer when talking about the painful and deeply personal topic of divorce. But any time with your lawyer is billable hours, which means many pay attorney prices for counselor services. Instead, talk it out with a friend or counselor before you schedule a divorce attorney consultation. Hash out your feelings. Get past the crying or yelling that’s pent up inside and go through the existential question-asking that always occurs with big changes in life.

Have this confidant on hand to talk to whenever you feel the need. This is a great resource and can help you keep your divorce legal meetings efficient and oriented only on the legal and logistical process of divorce. The emotional process is yours to handle with someone you trust. 

Try Separating Households

There are many complications in divorce that are better understood and approached after households are separated. This is why states have traditionally (though less today) required a separation period before divorce is approved. Have one or both spouses move into a new home. Go through the process of separating your personal clothing and keepsakes. Tackle the cost of new dishes and furniture to create two functionally separate households. Practice living separately and explore the challenges and feelings that evokes.

Whether you smoothly handle the process, tackle rocky challenges, or absence suddenly makes the heart grow fonder – you won’t have lost anything on divorce costs in the process and will be better prepared for separate assets in the future.

Research Standard Denver Divorce Terms

Divorce lawyers spend a lot of time explaining how divorces work, so you can cut those billable hours by learning on your own. Look up a standard divorce and research terms that are normal and considered standard for Colorado spouses. Determine which terms you like, which you want to change, and sketch out alternate proposals based on your own preferences, lifestyle, and needs. Save yourself, your lawyer, and your spouse time by knowing what to expect and where you are likely to start in negotiations.

Talk About Divorce Terms with Your Spouse

Consider what your spouse might want or argue for and prepare for those terms as well. If you are speaking terms with your spouse, talk out terms and discuss what you might agree, disagree, or bargain for when deciding final divorce terms based on the standards. This will provide significant preparation for time spent with legal counsel and speed up your negotiation process.

Explore Your Divorce Process Options

Lastly, don’t assume a Denver divorce attorney is your only option. There are other approaches to divorce that can be faster or smoother depending on your situation. If you have legal experience and a cooperative spouse, you might accomplish a DIY divorce (or get your divorce 75% of the way before paying for legal services). 

You might also try Denver divorce mediation, where both spouses work with a single mediator to streamline the negotiation, asset management, and closing process. Denver divorce mediation settles conflict and promotes quick resolutions to conflict-free divorces. If you’d rather skip the adversarial process and divorce efficiently with a best-for-everyone approach, mediation may be the better option.

Split Simple Denver Divorce Mediation

Here at Split Simple, we are passionate about helping Denver spouses divorce more smoothly with a guided divorce mediation process. Before you call the Denver divorce attorney, take some time to get your ducks in a row. If your spouse is amenable to discussing terms without conflict (or if they’re willing to approach resolving those conflicts) then our Denver divorce mediation process may be the ideal approach to a fast and low-stress divorce. Contact Split Simple today to consult on your divorce situation and discuss your preferences for divorce mediation services.

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