What to Bring to a Divorce Mediation Session

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted July 5, 2023

We often talk about what it means to start divorce mediation. When two people want to divorce, but would rather a good outcome than a dramatic separation – divorce mediation is usually the best answer. Preparing for Denver divorce mediation, you get your financial and asset records in line for the big split. You may have an idea of what kind of child custody you want, or what you’re going to do with shared real estate or co-owned vehicles.

But what we don’t talk about is what to expect inside the mediation room – other than the mediation itself. How should you arrive? How should you dress? What should you bring to divorce mediation? That is exactly what we’re here to answer today.

Financial and Property Paperwork

  • Income and Savings
  • Investments
  • Property Records
  • Account Statements
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Tax Returns
  • Debt Records
  • List of Personal, Shared, and Split Assets

The paperwork is, of course, the most important supplies to bring to your Denver divorce mediation meetings. Paperwork is required by both parties to get a full vision of the pre-divorce finances. This will allow you to build a stronger set of post-divorce finances so that neither party is too put-upon by the arrangement.

denver divorce mediation

Be sure to bring your own financial records of every type. Properties, cars, businesses, taxes, debts; all of it. This way, we can sort everything out into fair ownership before disagreements about which box to pack or leave.  You can also call your Denver divorce mediator ahead of time to ask which documents are most important and which might be helpful.

There are two ways to arrive. You can pack everything you need into a file-folder or even a file box to be carried in – or you can use an online document manager. With a document manager, you can pull up and share digital versions of each document quickly during the mediation session.

Your Personal Notes and Mediation Goals

The next important thing to bring are your own notes and ideas. You may already have some terms you want to fight for, but a better solution is to focus on your priorities instead. For example, you might highly prioritize keeping the house or perhaps the freedom to move with your job without divorce-term hassle. 

Your Top-Ten List of Priorities

Write out your top-ten priorities and how you want to deal with them through Denver divorce mediation. Consider what you care about most and what you want to see as a result of the divorce mediation. You can enumerate steps you want to take, or frame a future if you’re not sure what steps are between your current situation and your goals. A divorce mediator can work with your priorities to build solutions that are in line with what you care about most.

Your Problem-Solution Ideas List

Then come up with solutions to problems you foresee, like fair child custody or how to deal with both parties having opposite work schedules when trying to coordinate. When you come to the mediation table with solutions, you can move the process forward with a positive-leaning approach to problems along the way. When you want to think of a list of problems, consider possible solutions to bring up at the same time.

Personal Items

But what about personal items? You may have the paperwork part of the divorce ready to go – it’s what you can do the most solo research on, after all. But we rarely talk about what else to bring to the mediation room or how to personally prepare for the mediation session.

Dress Comfortably

There is no official dress code for Denver divorce mediation. You don’t have to dress for court, but you will be meeting in an office environment. Dress in something comfortable so that you can focus on the issues being discussed instead of a scratchy neckline or pinching shoes. 

Bring a Jacket

Offices get cold, it’s a side effect of the industrial-sized HVAC. If you are prone to chills or don’t care for office-cold air, bring a jacket.  Even if it’s hot outside, we can assure you it will be cool and perhaps a little over-air-conditioned inside your mediation room. 

Water Bottle

You can, of course, find beverages here in the Split SImple office. But a water bottle is always a good idea when preparing for any two-hour meeting. It’s normal to get parched while part of a long ongoing discussion about finances and asset splitting. Don’t let your personal hydration flag just because you’re meditating. It’s perfectly alright to bring a disposable or personal reusable water bottle to the session.

Personal Bag of Essentials

You may want to bring your personal essentials. Perhaps these all fit in your pockets, but we find most people prefer to carry a bag, tote, laptop case, or purse into the session to hold those little essentials like their wallet, phone, keys, and emergency medication.

Phone, Tablet, and/or Laptop

You can and absolutely should bring your primary personal device. Whether that’s your phone, a nice tablet, or your laptop, bring it along. This will allow you to check your notes and accounts while we work with your finances. Need to know the balance of a particular account? You can quickly log in and check it out. Need to pull up a file you downloaded last week? Your phone or laptop will make that simple.

Your Favorite Note-Taking

Many separating spouses prefer to take notes during a Denver divorce mediation session and you are welcome to do so. If your primary device isn’t your favorite way to notate, you can also bring a pen and pad of paper to keep handwritten notes if this better suits your learning style and memory routines.


An Open Mind

Last but not least, always bring an open mind to divorce mediation. Be ready to seek solutions instead of focusing on problems. Be ready to listen when you want to argue, and to accept a compromise when the terms are fair and forward-thinking. With an open mind, you can approach divorce mediation like the solution-seeking method it truly is. Your divorce is the math problem, mediation how we shake out every number to find the best completed solution.

What should you bring to Denver divorce mediation? Bring your paperwork, priorities, personal items, and a willingness to cooperate for a better future. Split Simple is here to make divorce as quick and easy as possible. When arriving spouses are prepared, our Denver divorce attorneys can do our work even better when your documents are already out and ready.

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