We’ve Decided to Divorce, What Do I Do Now?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted January 26, 2021

What to do after deciding on divorce | Uncontested divorce in Denver

You and your spouse have decided to divorce in Colorado. It’s been a long time coming – not a decision that you reached overnight and not one that you are even sure is the right decision. But the decision has been made and you want things to be different in your divorce than all of those nightmare divorces that you read and hear so much about. So what now?

Your friend tells you there is this fantastic Colorado divorce attorney that he or she used and the first thing you should do is call him.

Your relatives tell you that cousin Sally is a divorce attorney in California and before you do anything you should give her a call.

You spend hours and hours on the internet searching for answers about Colorado divorce law with plenty of people telling you that your issues are either hopeless or offering “do it yourself” alternatives.

You have multitudes of friends a.k.a. “team free advice” who never went to law school but are telling you their opinion about what will happen in your divorce and what you should do now.

You and your spouse argue endlessly about who is right regarding the reasons for the divorce as well as the likely outcomes.

Or, you and your spouse may not argue at all but it is difficult, if not impossible, to talk with each about the next steps to move forward with your divorce.

So there you sit with many so choices, so many voices in your ear, but little direction and an enormous amount of fear.

You might begin to look at the on line Colorado divorce forms but there are so many to complete and how do you know what to ask from the Judge? How do you complete the Sworn Financial Statement, or calculate support obligations? What will your cash flow look like after the divorce? Can you keep the house? Can you divide a retirement account in a divorce without negative tax consequences and what in the world is a “QDRO”? What parenting plan is appropriate for your children given their ages and temperaments? How long must you carry your spouse on health insurance? When should you begin dividing bank accounts? When should you separate your residences? How do you make sure that you do not overlook something?

And perhaps most important: how do you maintain control of your life during this crazy time?

You always have the option of hiring your own divorce attorney in Colorado, but what about the cost and acrimony? You always have the option to “do it yourself”, but how many times have you been through a divorce?

You need clear direction and a path forward. Take the opportunity now to contact us at Split Simple for intelligence and guidance in the divorce process. As your attorney trained Colorado divorce mediator we will answer your questions and give you and your spouse a path forward. As you mediator we provide you and your spouse with the information, knowledge and problem solving strategies necessary to move on from this difficult time to the next stage in your life. There are enough questions. Time to get some answers. Call today.

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