Three Steps to File for Divorce or Legal Separation in Colorado

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted January 26, 2021

Starting your divorce may seem daunting, but in reality it is simple and straightforward. Here are the three steps necessary to begin your Divorce or Legal Separation in Colorado

Filing for Divorce in Colorado Step One

Select How You Would Like to File: Many couples in Colorado elect to file their Divorce or Legal Separation as “Co-Petitioners”. Filing as “Co-Petitioners” requires each spouse to sign the Petition in front of a notary – you may use separate notaries, at separate times or you may sign the Petition in front of the Courthouse clerk, but you must sign the same Petition in front of a notary or clerk. Filing as Co-Petitioners does not mean that you and your spouse agree on all issues but it allows you to avoid having one party “served” by a sheriff and allows you to save on some additional filing fees. You will pay the filing fee for Co-Petitioners of $230 to the District Court County Clerk at the time of filing.

Filing for Divorce in Colorado Step Two

Divorce petition | Uncontested divorce denver

Select the Correct Documents to File: As long as you and your spouse file your Colorado Divorce or Legal Separation as “Co-Petitioners”, the only two documents required to file are the Petition and Case Information Sheet (both are available on the free Colorado Divorce forms section of our website). The Petition requires information about your family (names, dates of birth, addresses), length of time residing in Colorado, any relevant court proceedings, as well as election of the issues for the Court to resolve if you and your spouse are otherwise unable to do so. The accompanying Case Information Sheet, lists current contact information like the Petition, but also requires social security numbers of both parties. Only one person must sign the case information sheet (no notary required).

Step Three for Filing for Divorce in Colorado

Pay Attention to the Automatic Temporary Injunction and Your Case Management Order: At the time you file your Petition, your actions will be subject to the terms of the “Automatic Temporary Injunction” listed on page four of the Petition. Make sure that you are familiar with those requirements prior to filing your Petition. In addition, at the time of filing the Court will provide you with a Case Management Order. You must pay attention to the many important provisions and directives contained in your Case Management Order. As part of our Split Simple Process we decipher this document for our clients and provide them with the information and documentation necessary to minimize the stress in the Court system.

Split Simple Helps You Start the Divorce Process

During your first session at Split Simple, your mediator will guide you through the Case Information Sheet and the Petition, answering any questions you may have about these documents as well as the ensuing court process. Although most of our clients wait until after their first mediation session to file for Divorce or Legal Separation, you may elect to file prior to or after your first mediation session with Split Simple. Contact us today regarding the pros and cons to filing now or waiting until after your first divorce mediation session.

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