The Top Signs That You Should Consider Getting a Divorce

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Posted February 26, 2020

Marriage is a commitment that most people take seriously, which is why it can be extremely difficult to admit when the relationship has come to an end. However, recognizing that it may be time to get a divorce can be important in order to ensure you and your spouse’s happiness. Furthermore, ending things sooner than later can help to minimize feelings of resentment and anger that can build if you try to hang on to a marriage that isn’t working rather than cutting your losses and walking away. Yet, if you have been struggling to keep your marriage afloat in recent years, you may be wondering how you will know when it is time to move on to the next chapter of your life by filing for a divorce. While this answer will be different for each individual, there are a few signs indicating that it may be time to consider getting a divorce. 

You Are No Longer Happy

Perhaps the clearest sign that it is time to consider Denver divorce mediation is if you are no longer happy in your marriage. Some people convince themselves to stay in a marriage longer than they should by saying that no one is happy all the time. While it is true that even healthy relationships have their ups and downs, the fact is that you should not be miserable in your marriage. If you are rarely, if ever, happy in your marriage, this may be a sign that your relationship has run its course. In particular, if you are tired, angry, sad, or just emotionally and mentally exhausted most of the time, these are clear signs of an unhealthy marriage.   

You’re Only Staying Together for The Kids

One of the biggest mistakes that couples make is staying together, even though they know deep down that their marriage is over, simply for the sake of the kids, as they believe that it will be better for the family if they stay together. If the only thing that is currently keeping you from thinking about Denver divorce mediation is your children, this is a clear sign that you should, in fact, get a divorce. 

The fact is that kids are smarter and more perceptive than many adults give them credit for, and it is likely that your kids can already sense the problems between you and your spouse. In fact, problems in your marriage can actually trickle down to your kids and negatively affect their emotional health, particularly if they sense your anger, frustration, or sadness. In most cases, it is actually healthier for everyone in the family, including your children, if you get a divorce if you were only staying together to protect your kids. In the long-run, they will be happier if you are happy. 

You Live Like Roommates

It can happen slowly over time, but one day you may realize that you and your spouse live more like roommates than partners. Maybe you sleep in one room and they sleep in another, or you no longer care when they get home from work and you now find that, for the most part, you live separate lives. These are all clear indicators that you and your spouse no longer have a romantic relationship and are just existing from one day to the next. 

While many couples are content to go on living like this for months, or even years, this does not indicate a healthy marriage. The fact is that you deserve to be in a happy and loving relationship where you are excited to see your partner and want to spend time with them. If this does not describe your feelings for your spouse, then you may want to consider Denver divorce mediation and finding someone that you want to spend time with. 

Everything Has Become Difficult

It is also likely time to consider Denver divorce mediation if you find that everything is a struggle and most of your interactions with your spouse are no longer positive. The fact is that in a healthy relationship you should have at least 5 positive interactions for every negative interaction with your spouse. Now think back to your relationship over the last few months; have most of your interactions with your spouse felt like a chore? Do many of your conversations devolve into arguments that you are unable to resolve? These are clear signs that there has been a significant deterioration in your marriage, and you may be happier if you decide to file for divorce.  

Counseling Isn’t Working

When couples detect problems in their marriage, they might try to go to marriage counseling as a way to work through their problems. For many of these couples, counseling can be a great way to resolve problems as counseling can provide a safe space for couples to air their concerns, and a therapist can provide an objective third-party perspective as well as tools to help you with conflict resolution. However, marriage counseling does not work for every couple, and you may find that things feel like they have reached a standstill after the first few months. If you have given couples counseling a trial for a couple of months and you do not feel like there has been significant progress in your relationship, then it may be time to consider ending your marriage. 


It is perhaps most important to seek Denver divorce mediation if your spouse has subjected you to physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. The fact is that there is never an excuse for abuse of any kind in a marriage, and you should not feel bad for leaving your spouse if you are being abused.  Unfortunately, many people stay in abusive marriages for longer than they should have as they want to believe that it was a one-time thing, or that they will be able to change their spouse. However, abuse in marriages is rarely a one-off occurrence, and even if your spouse has claimed that it will never happen again, it is better for your physical and mental health if you find somewhere safe to stay immediately and contact an attorney to help you start the divorce process if you are in an abusive marriage.  

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While going through a divorce can be difficult, knowing when it is time to get divorced can help to make things easier in the long-run by reducing tension and hurt feelings. If you and your spouse have decided to go through a divorce and things are amicable, you may want to consider Denver divorce mediation as a way to save time and money during the divorce process. Feel free to contact Split Simple today to learn more about how you could benefit by choosing divorce mediation. 

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