The Importance of Family Law in a Denver Divorce

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Posted January 6, 2022

How do you choose your divorce services? In Denver, there are a dozen different ways to go about a divorce. You can hire two opposing lawyers and take each other to court, like in the movies, or you can try to DIY your divorce with downloaded paperwork and hope for the best.  Most people, however, benefit from the help of a Denver family law attorney or a legal service that often works with the many complex aspects of family law.

If your divorce is not worksheet-simple, family law is where the nuances of a well-written divorce come into play. Complex issues like child custody and co-parenting plans, splitting shared property, and all the little details in between are the purview of the family law branch of the legal practice. While other types of legal service and attorney may be able to help you, a family law expert is where you will find the experience and guidance needed to navigate the rocky waters of writing a beneficial divorce agreement.

What Does a Family Law Attorney Do?

  • Name Changes
  • Child Custody Agreements
  • Guardianships
  • Paternity
  • Marriage Separations and Divorces
  • Pre and Post Nuptials
  • Protective Orders
  • Juvenile Matters
  • Emancipation

Family law relates directly to domestic matters; legal concerns as they involve family and the home. Family law can help you change a name or assign guardianship to an elderly parent. Family law oversees most juvenile matters including child custody agreements, teenage emancipation, youth delinquency, and overseeing teen marriages with parental permission. 

family law attorney in Denver

Naturally, family law also relates to marriage and divorce. A Denver family law attorney might draft you a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. They can also handle drafting a separation agreement and divorce documents – which often encompass some or all of the other aspects of family law. Most people go to a family law attorney when planning a divorce, and those that have practiced beyond divorce services

Why Family Law Expertise Matters in Divorce

Divorces are rarely neat and tidy separations. Often, there are complex issues that require a delicate touch when extricating two separate people from married life. Here is where experience in family law really pays off. A good divorce agreement doesn’t just declare separation, it can be used to set up a better starting-point for both separated spouses and the families they are still connected to.

Children and Child Custody

If you have children, you want family law on your side. An experienced family law professional will know how to help you build a functional and flexible child custody agreement. Today, child custody has far more options than it did 20 years ago. Equal split custody and shared co-parenting are far more common. Many parents are choosing to keep the kids in the house and take turns living with them. Kids also grow up,  so their needs and schedules will change over time.

A smart Denver family law attorney will know how to balance these elements into a custody and co-parenting plan that works well for everyone.

Juvenile Matters

For parents of teens, having a family law attorney who knows their field can really help. Teens often struggle with divorces. Though they seem to understand on the surface, the issue brings of strong emotions which can result in acting out. A family law expert can help you plan ahead for these possibilities and offer tips on how to keep an emotional teen out of the courtroom.

Pre and Post Nuptials

If you have a pre or post nuptial agreement, family law is uniquely capable of handling the aftermath in a divorce. Navigating the agreement terms to find the best solutions relevant to your life today requires an understanding of these agreements which is the purview of family law.

Family Asset Management

Family law also often relates to money and property. The more experienced your Denver family law attorney, the more able they will be to help you aptly split your divorce assets in a way that works out well for both parties. They will help you choose which accounts to keep whole (retirement accounts) and which to split to even the difference.

Finding the Right Denver Family Law Attorney for Your Divorce

Your divorce is a very personal experience, and you deserve to find the best legal provider to make that experience easier. This means choosing your family law attorney carefully. You need someone with years of experience in family law, but you also need a good rapport with your attorney to get the best result from a divorce.

Look for those who listen to your situation all the way through, and who ask insightful follow-up questions. When interviewing divorce lawyers, make sure to ask about their background in family law and their policies for dealing with family matters in the divorce. Check previous client stories and ask for recommendations based on the circumstances of your divorce.

You can also choose to only hire one divorce service and work together with your ex to build a mutually beneficial divorce agreement. Denver divorce mediation is often a more productive approach for exes who can work together to find the best available divorce solutions.

Divorce Mediation with Family Law Solutions

Denver divorce mediation is an interesting alternative to each spouse hiring a lawyer in order to divorce. Mediation places one family law expert in the room with the goal of writing as beneficial a divorce agreement as possible. Using the principles of family law, your mediator can help you resolve differences with your spouse and work through the thorny issues of splitting assets and building a functional child custody agreement. 

Mediation avoids the conflict of a typical divorce by focusing on what really matters: rebuilding family matters for two separate households. Done right, this could be a healthy and well-balanced experience. Especially when all the knowledge and principles of family law are applied to your situation. Divorce planning doesn’t need to be adversarial for both parties to get what they need most from a well-written divorce agreement.

Split Simple Divorce Mediation in Denver

If you are currently looking for a Denver family law attorney to handle your divorce, consider divorce mediation as a beneficial alternative. Split Simple offers comprehensive divorce mediation services in Denver where family matters and beneficial results are the highest priority. Contact Split Simple today to discover how we can help you through this challenging time with a supportive and mutually beneficial approach to divorce proceedings.

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