The Good Men Project’s Advice on Helping Children Through Divorce

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted March 24, 2016

At Split Simple, we know that issues involving children and their care are among the most important topics for divorcing couples to address and resolve amicably. We work collaboratively with both parents to ensure that the settlement reached is in the best interest of the children.

With that in mind, we offer a link to a blog post from The Good Men Project. The post describes how parents can make divorce as easy as possible on children, and it's some excellent advice. It does not offer a "father's only" viewpoint or bias, but instead offers helpful information for mothers and fathers.

That advice includes:

  • Providing emotional support
  • Keeping conflicts to a minimum
  • Visiting and calling regularly
  • Providing support and love
  • Taking children out for activities and preventing isolation
  • Providing financial support

Again, this is all excellent advice, and while it's from The Good Men Project, it can apply to both mothers and fathers. A good divorce settlement is vital to a future as co-parents, but it's just words on paper if both parents aren't committed to making the lives of their children as pleasant and uncomplicated as possible.

Divorce doesn't have to ruin your relationship with your children

Our experienced attorney-mediators will help you craft a parenting plan that addresses all of the important issues and does so in a fair, equitable fashion. The best interests of your child will always be our top concern.

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