How Does Divorce Mediation Work Over Long Distances?

Posted December 27, 2023

Long-Distance Divorce Mediation FAQ Long-distance marriages and separations where one spouse moves away often end in divorce. When two spouses not only don’t live together, but don’t even live close, the chance of divorce rises above the 80% of separations for ending in divorce. However, it is notoriously difficult to

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Handling Divorce and Depression: How Divorce Mediation Can Help

Posted December 22, 2023

Divorce and depression are two concepts that are inevitably linked. Many people experience depression along with the realization or acceptance that their marriage is ending. Whether it’s a sense of failure to live up to societal standards or grief over a relationship that has permanently changed, depression is a natural

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How to Handle Your First Family Holidays After the Divorce

Posted December 19, 2023

The holidays are one of the most difficult time periods for the recently divorced, for a number of reasons. In this time of family-oriented holiday cheer, it’s tough not to feel lingering emotions about the divorce and where your life might be going from here. Know that you are not

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How to Stay Friends with Your Ex’s Awesome Family

Posted October 18, 2023

Everyone knows that one of the toughest things about a divorce is splitting your shared social circles. Some friendships survive the transition, some don’t. However, what can really hurt is losing touch with people who you’ve made your family through your marital connection. It’s not uncommon for in-laws to adore

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How Does Your Support System Affect Child Custody in Denver?

Posted October 4, 2023

When determining child custody, Denver divorce mediators and court systems consider a child’s full support system, not just the individual parents. Most custody agreements focus primarily on the two co-parents, splitting parenting time, residence, and visitation rights whatever way represents the most healthy schedule for the child or children. However,

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5 Things You Should Never Do During Your Denver Divorce Mediation

Posted September 20, 2023

The latest statistics show that 3 people per 1,000 inhabitants in Colorado went through the legal process of divorce in 2021. That might not seem like all that many people, but you must consider the fact that this statistic accounts for every inhabitant in the state regardless of their marital

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Family Law FAQ’s About Divorce Mediation and Child Custody

Posted September 6, 2023

If you are starting the process of getting divorced, you may be wondering what your best option is moving forward. This may be of particular concern if you and your spouse have children, as you may find yourself wondering what your best options are for seeking a divorce without creating

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Understanding Teen Involvement in Denver Child Custody Terms

Posted August 23, 2023

In matters of child custody, the age of the child contributes significantly to how decisions are made on their behalf. With young children, it is often recommended that parents follow a co-parenting structure by splitting custody and parenting time based on family conditions. With older children and teens, however, the

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7 Personal Wellness Tips When Going Through a Divorce

Posted August 9, 2023

Divorce is a time when everyone goes through a uniquely difficult personal journey. It is a major landmark in your life’s journey, and typically not a positive one. Most people feel a certain amount of sadness, anger, or disappointment during the process of a divorce, and that’s normal. It’s also

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