Why Divorce Mediation is a Good Choice When Children are Involved

Posted November 18, 2021

Getting divorced can really change your entire life. There are many options. Though most people think about court and the nasty battles, the truth is that there is a better option. Denver divorce mediation involves lawyers, but not through the court system. In fact, when mediation is used, the divorce

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Practical Tips for Handling Winter Holidays During a Divorce

Posted November 4, 2021

Most divorced spouses have a rough holiday season after the initial separation. But most of the tips out there are for people who are recently divorced; how to get through that first year without the previous nuclear family structures. There are tons of tips on how to stay cheerful, handle

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5 Signs Denver Divorce Mediation May be Right for You

Posted October 27, 2021

Divorce is often a difficult process that can be stressful and emotional for all parties involved. If you are currently in the process of getting divorced, one of the biggest causes of your stress may be a worry that there will be a long, expensive court battle. However, divorce does

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Identifying COVID Cabin Fever in Your Divorce Plans

Posted October 13, 2021

2020 was a crazy year of lockdowns and cabin-fever. We stuck it out, we worked at home, we held it together for months. During this time, we knew everyone was going to go a little nuts. Stuck at indoors with your entire family for days and weeks is enough to

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What to Do Before You Call a Denver Divorce Attorney

Posted September 29, 2021

When you’re considering the big decision of divorce, it’s important to have someone you can talk to about the issue. But that someone doesn’t need to be your divorce attorney. Often, spouses will seek out an attorney for consultation early in the divorce process, and it’s good to know your

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How Your Kids Can Be Heard in Divorce Mediation in Denver

Posted September 15, 2021

Most of the time, we try to keep children out of divorce proceedings. Kids don’t need to see volatile emotions or the specifics of your split finances. They don’t need to hear the honest things you’ll say while getting to the heart of more practical divorce matters. But sometimes, kids

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Breaking Down the Cost to File for Divorce in Denver

Posted August 11, 2021

The average Colorado divorce costs about $15,000 in a range that dips as low as $4,000. If you came for a quick answer, this is where your reasonable costs lie. For the most part, the cost of your divorce reflects the amount of time required to hash it out with

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6 Things Most Denver Divorce Attorneys Aren’t Mentioning

Posted June 23, 2021

The first thing that most people do when planning a divorce is to consult with a divorce attorney. Here in Denver, divorce attorneys are ready to advise, offer perspective, and get spouses ready for a long battle over divorce terms. This is how the typical divorce industry works and divorcees are obliged to trust their attorneys. After all,

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