Huffington Post Publishes Useful Divorce To-Do Checklist

Posted March 17, 2016

There are a lot of misconceptions about divorce out there, many of them fed by inaccurate or misleading coverage in the media. One, admittedly dramatic narrative of divorce as a hostile battle between two people who hate each other has become the norm. So it's always refreshing to see accurate

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VIDEO: The Tax Consequences of Alimony

Posted February 29, 2016

In this exclusive video, attorney-mediator Chris Griffith discusses the tax implications of alimony: If you're considering divorce, mediation is probably the right option. Our experienced attorney-mediators help with the difficult financial issues at the heart of a divorce.

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What Are The Tax Implications of Divorce?

Posted February 29, 2016

The simple reality of divorce is that it's fundamentally an economic matter. You may not be getting divorced because of money, but it would be unwise to go through our uncontested divorce process without thoroughly considering the financial implications of the result. The tax implications are particularly important. The timing of

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Can Uncontested Divorce Work For Couples With Serious Disagreements?

Posted February 19, 2016

One point we hear a lot from Aurora-area couples considering divorce is the idea that their problems are too complicated for divorce mediation. You might think that you and your spouse disagree over too much to go through the uncontested divorce process. But this isn't true. "Uncontested divorce" does not

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Will We Have To Liquidate Our Retirement Accounts?

Posted February 15, 2016

One of the most common misconceptions related to divorce and financial matters is that retirement accounts must be completely liquidated. Many people believe that they will have to cash out their retirement accounts, then divide the money equally as part of a divorce settlement. Fortunately, this isn't so. Liquidation might

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How Does Colorado Handle Alimony?

Posted February 11, 2016

Alimony is often a point of contention for Denver-area couples considering a divorce. It can cause a lot of strife and disagreement, and these are not conducive to a productive negotiating session. Colorado’s alimony law sets guidelines for judges to consider. These aren’t hard-and-fast rules, but they are recommendations for

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10 Signs Split Simple Is The Right Choice For You

Posted February 1, 2016

When you’re facing the hard reality of divorce, it’s important to stay calm and remember your options. A traditional courtroom divorce isn’t your only choice- you can choose the smarter, smoother, simpler option instead. Split Simple offers divorce mediation to couples who have decided to dissolve their marriages. We use

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How Will Blame For The Divorce Affect The Final Settlement?

Posted January 26, 2016

Divorcing couples are often rather obsessed with the idea of blame. Each party believes the other party is responsible for the divorce, and they’re intent on proving this to a lawyer, mediator or judge. Here’s the thing: blame doesn’t matter. Colorado is a no-fault divorce state, which means the state’s

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Is a Judge’s Approval For Our Settlement Automatic?

Posted January 19, 2016

Under Colorado's divorce mediation laws, any settlement you and your spouse reach must be approved by a judge before it's finalized. How difficult is earning a judge's approval? Well, it depends. If you choose Split Simple for your divorce mediation needs, the judge's approval is almost a lock. We have

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Will We Have To Split All Assets Equally?

Posted January 12, 2016

Finding an equitable division of assets is a necessary part of a divorce settlement. Without a division plan that meets the "equitable" standard, the settlement will not earn a judge's approval, which means the divorce can't be finalized. However, the idea that all assets must be divided along a precise

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