I’ve Decided to Get a Divorce, What Should My Next Steps Be?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted October 17, 2019

Deciding that it is time to get a divorce can be one of the most difficult, and emotional, decisions you will ever make. However, if you have decided that it is time to get a divorce, it is likely that this decision did not come out of the blue as you have likely been debating doing this for months, or even years, but have finally realized that the time has come. While going through a divorce is never easy, for some people it can also feel freeing to know that they have finally come to a decision that will help them move forward with their lives. Yet, realizing that you want a divorce may also leave you feeling uncertain of what your next steps should be; what is the best way to prepare for the divorce process that is to come? To help get you started, here are a few steps that you can take to prepare for a divorce.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

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Before you begin thinking about the divorce process and the things you will need to take care of in the coming weeks, the first thing you will want to do is prepare yourself mentally and make sure that you have your emotions under control. While the emotional nature of divorce can make this seem like an impossible task, it is critical that you try to keep your emotions in check as much as possible as you will likely have tough decisions to make, and you will want to be able to think logically so that you do not make any impulsive or rash decisions in the heat of the moment. You should also prepare yourself mentally for a possible negative reaction from your spouse, and potentially even some backlash, as they may not be prepared for your decision and may also struggle to keep their emotions in check. You will want to be ready for this so that you do not make the situation worse by responding emotionally.  

Think About How You Will Tell Your Spouse

Unless the decision to get a divorce was a collaborative decision you and your spouse both reached together, you will need to take some time to think about how you will break the news to them. If the relationship has been deteriorating for some time and you both seem unhappy, then the news may not come as that much of a surprise. However, in some cases, your spouse may think that everything is fine, and the thought of divorce may have never entered their mind. You should then take some time to think about how it will be best to go about breaking the news to them. Think through your reasoning, and try to keep the conversation as calm and considerate as possible. If you are afraid that your spouse may have a violent reaction to the news, you may want to consider making arrangements to have somewhere else to live before breaking the news to them, and you may want to meet with an attorney first so that you have someone to walk you through this process.

Make Copies of Financial Records

Before breaking the news to your spouse, you will want to make copies of all of your critical financial records such as tax returns, bank records, credit card statements, and real estate deeds. Not only will having these documents ready help you to be more organized and prepared as you start the process of divorce mediation in Denver, but also, having copies of these records can help to protect you as well. The fact is that you do not know how your spouse will react, and they may try to hide money or lock you out of accounts, so having these documents prepared can help to protect you down-the-road.

Consider Your Future

As you begin the divorce process, you should take a moment to consider your future and what you want your life to look like once the divorce is finalized. The fact is that a divorce can change your life dramatically, and you will want to make a plan for your life post-divorce. You should then take some time to make a plan for yourself by deciding where you want to live, and what you want your day-to-day life to look like. It is particularly important that you think about your future early on if you currently do not work, as you may need to start looking for employment.  

Think About Your Budget

As you think about your future, it is also important that you think about your finances and how your budget will look once you and your spouse are separated. Try to figure out what your monthly expenses will look like, including food and housing, as this will help you to determine what you will be able to afford once you are on your own. Remember that if one of you makes more than the other, then either you or your spouse may have to make alimony payments. If you believe you will be the spouse paying alimony, this is something you will want to take into consideration when planning a budget as you may be required to start making temporary alimony payments as soon as you file for divorce.

Consider Mediation for Uncontested Divorce

Once you begin the process of divorce mediation in Denver, one of the first decisions you and your spouse will need to make is to decide what divorce process will be best for you. If the split seems fairly amicable, and you plan to file for an uncontested divorce in Denver, then you may want to consider Denver divorce mediation as an alternative to litigation. With mediation, you and your spouse meet with an experienced, impartial mediator who will help walk you through the divorce process and will give you advice on how you can make fair, logical decisions that will benefit both parties. While some couples still choose to meet with their own attorney in order to make sure that their interests are looked out for, for couples who are able to be cordial throughout the divorce process mediation can help to save them time and money compared to going to court.

Contact a Divorce Mediator in Denver Today

If you have decided that it is time for you to get a divorce, then you should take some time to consider how working with a mediator could benefit you and your spouse. Feel free to contact Split Simple to find out more about our Denver divorce mediation process and why so many couples choose this route when getting divorced.  

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