How to Move and Plan a Divorce at the Same Time

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Posted April 5, 2023

Getting a divorce is a big life change, one that often comes with many other life changes. You may seek and find a new job, new friends, and of course, a new house. More often than not, both spouses will move before, during, or after a divorce which can mean planning your move at the same time as planning your Denver divorce mediation. When you stack two major life changes on top of each other, your task-list can get pretty hectic.

Here at Split Simple, we like to keep divorces simple, and sometimes that means sorting out your other immediate concerns first. If you have a big move planning at the same time as your divorce we have a few helpful tips to keep your sanity and successfully relocate without setting back your Denver divorce mediation process.    

A Denver Divorce Requires Only One Denverite

First, don’t worry about moving away from Denver or out of state if you have already started the ball rolling for Denver divorce mediation.  You only need one Denverite to complete the process, as long as your divorce agreement is signed and notarized by both parties. If you are getting divorced with the help of Split Simple, you can telecommute your half of the divorce process for many of the meetings while your ex holds down the fort.

In fact, in case of isolation, both of you can telecommute, and we’ll handle your virtual divorce meetings right here.  

Set Aside Important Documents and Files

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During a move is the most likely time that you will lose important documents like financial records or birth certificates. So, to protect yourself and your future plans, set all the documents you may need for the divorce into one box. Make sure it has your medical records, financial records, assets, records of pre-marriage ownership, the kid’s school records – anything that might be relevant.

If your paperwork is already boxed, just keep the boxes set aside from the rest of your move. Otherwise, dedicate one big file box to family records and financial records of all kinds. Then set it aside and keep it separate from the rest of the move.

Pack Your Home office Last – and Unpack It first

Another clever trick for moving during a divorce is to pack up your home office last. Leave yourself with a desk, chair, and computer through which to conduct your Denver divorce mediation process, send in documents when needed, and send emails at critical moments. By packing your home office last, you leave all your paperwork and records available to search through, should something unexpected or previously misplaced be needed to complete your divorce proceedings.

Prepare Your Destination Home So It’s Ready When You Are

Don’t leave your destination up to chance, or even to delays. Before you finish packing, you should already have your new destination secured. Before you load furniture into the moving truck, you should make sure the water and power are on  and in your name so that you know the lights, heat, sinks, showers, and toilets will all work when you arrive. After a long drive while moving, the last thing you want is to be on the phone with the utility companies.

Of course, the earlier you secure the new home, the more you can move in directly after your long moving road trip. You may even arrange for a few pieces of furniture to have arrived and been assembled by the time you arrive. 

Tell Your Denver Divorce Lawyer or Mediator that You Are Moving

Denver divorce attorneys often have a helpful perspective and have dealt with a few dozen to a few hundred other spouses who may be changing jobs and homes at the same time. So your Denver divorce attorney may have a few great pointers from their personal experience about how to quickly sell a house and plan a divorce.

Book Your Movers Months Ahead on Off-Peak Days

Never try to book a move last-minute. While you may be able to rent a truck, actual movers are typically booked solid over every weekend of the year and throughout the spring and summer during the predictably warmer days. However, the best way to ensure that your movers are available when you need them is to first book during the off-season and a few months ahead. Mild autumn and winter days are great for moving and the crisp air keeps everyone cool.

Booking during off-peak days can also make a difference in both the price and availability of your movers. Booking weekdays instead of weekends can often get you a discounted (or not marked-up) price on moving.

Have a Backup Location Ready In Case of Delays

Don’t put all your residential eggs in one basket. Be sure to have a fallback location, somewhere to rest and charge your laptop. Moves don’t always go smoothly. Houses aren’t always ready when they should be, and sometimes disaster strikes at the least opportune moment. In case your move is delayed for any reason, know where you will stay until your new house is ready. This is especially important if you have children or pets who rely on you for a stable home environment.

Be Prepared to Video-Chat

If you are getting divorced and getting on the road, be prepared to video chat. Denver divorce mediation can adapt to the needs of the times, which today means video chat. Split Simple went hybrid during the pandemic just like everyone else, and we’re keeping the best parts. If you are too busy or too distant to make it into the office, you can tune in for a mediation session with your laptop alone. And a good wifi signal.

It’s OK to Put Some Things in Personal Storage

If you are moving from a big home to a smaller home, you might have too much furniture to deal with. Offer the excess of furniture to your spouse before resolving to find it an eBay buyer. In the meantime, put all unused furniture, boxes, and things that don’t quite fit into your new home into personal storage. Personal storage is surprisingly affordable and a great way to make a big transition just a little smoother.

Plan Divorce Meetings When You’re In Town

Finally, moving often involves several trips back and forth. If you want an in-person divorce meeting or Denver divorce mediation, make plans to schedule your divorce sessions while you are in town. If you come back for the moving truck or have been making alternating trips for personal items, simply book your divorce meetings during times when you are in town and available.

Moving to a new home and completing your Denver divorce mediation can be tricky, but not impossible. With Split Simple, we want to ensure your life transitions during this challenging time are as smooth as can be arranged for. If you are seeking practical, helpful divorce mediation services in Denver, Colorado, Contact Split Simple today.

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