How to Achieve a Highly Affordable Divorce in Denver

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Posted July 20, 2022

Everyone wants a more affordable divorce. It’s not about quality of service or the value of a functional separation document. It’s about how much is left for both spouses to separate with when the Denver divorce mediation is done. The more costly your divorce, the more financial stress your family will experience when the divorce is through. The more affordable the divorce, the more you will have to launch two household with successfully. It’s a simple calculation, but the path to a high-quality and highly affordable divorce is not always clear.

First, you don’t have to DIY to save on a divorce. What you need is to become aware of where divorce expenses come from and conquer them one-by-one with a practical plan and a checklist in hand.

The Five Ways to Make Your Divorce More Affordable

By understanding these five essential ways to reduce the expense of your divorce, you can build a personal strategy out of these pieces that will keep your divorce needs as low-cost as possible without sacrificing the quality of divorce services or the final document that will soon define the next chapter of your life.

  1. Separate Practically:
    • Minimize moving costs
    • Accurately assign and separate personal items
    • Keep spending reasonable
  2. Get Good at Virtual Family Meetings
  3. Minimize Your Hours Being Consulted
    • Skip the introduction speech
    • Pre-compile your paperwork
    • Reach all the easy agreements
  4. Seek Consult that Matches Your Priorities
  5. Get a Good Deal on Anything You Sell

Put Together Several Pre-Divorce Checklists

There are tons of pre-divorce checklists available on how to prepare before meeting with a Denver divorce attorney and before deciding on moving forward with the Denver divorce mediation process. You can also find lists that help you check off all the little things that need doing when separating two households, finances, and even checklists on preparing your children for a divorce.

Compile several of your favorites after skimming a few and turn them into a master-checklist. Or you can separate tasks into checklists by goal so they feel easier to approach.

Then, start checking items off. the more you can complete on your own without paid guidance and the more problems you can solve with minimal spending, the more affordable your Denver divorce mediation will be.

Compile All Your Relevant Paperwork

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The first step is to use those checklists to put together every scrap of paperwork that could be useful – electronic, printed, and mailed. Go through old desk drawers, home office closets, and attic boxes for everything back through the history of your marriage and perhaps before. This is also a good reason to get started inventorying the rarely-distrubed family storage in your home – and digitize any important documents and photos.

Comb through your online documents, including old email archives, bank transactions, tax returns, contracts signed, purchase histories, personal folders, work folders, calendars, and so on. Don’t be afraid to screenshot and/or download data from apps and activity histories as well.

Sort everything by category and priority, keeping a single virtual folder that can be easily accessed from any device with the right link or login. This will make it really easy to both shorten your time with a divorce consul and to quickly bring up paperwork as-needed when you go through the divorce asset management process.

Handle The Logistics of Separation Like a Business Project

Separating one household into two households is a project that most adults should be able to tackle – if you tackle it like a project instead of a personal event. Stay focused and plan each stage. Assign yourself time to pack or transport items. Make sure that personal items and furniture-related decisions are made before anything is moved, and you might even rent a storage unit (surprisingly affordable) for any items where there is some dispute on ownership or value splitting.

Call moving companies a few months early and book your moving services on weekdays and non-summer seasons. When you shop to refurbish each house to full functionality, look for good deals and low-cost solutions that will facilitate bootstrapping without draining the family coffers before the Denver divorce mediation is complete. In other words, approach separating like any other well-managed project and you can save hundreds (sometimes thousands) on moving and furnishing costs alone.

Agree On What is Easy to Agree On

One of the best ways to achieve a highly successful divorce with a Denver divorce attorney or divorce mediation is to agree on the easy things early. The less you need help to reach agreements about divorce-related issues and standard asset separation, the less professional time you will need to purchase to complete your divorce.

Can both spouses agree that the dresser you moved in with is yours, and the armchair they had before the marriage is theirs? Good, because that’s also how the law will see it. Agree to leave retirement accounts alone and split other assets if there’s a difference. it might be easy to agree that the dog always really belonged to one spouse more than the other.  You may quickly agree that the entire contents of one spouse’s crafting workshop can go with them, and the value balanced as needed.

If you both ready for the modern evenly split style custody agreement, then simply covering these items and checking them off the list can save you hours (billable hours) with a Denver divorce attorney doing the same.

Make a List of Conflicts to Be Resolved

What don’t you agree on? Instead of wasting time arguing, this is where you can plan for very efficient divorce mediation. Write down what you don’t agree on. Make sure your feelings are clear enough that you can write down both views and agree on the summary of the diasgreement. That’s the first step to a compromise, and you’ve already done it at home.

Can’t agree on the right custody schedule? Disagree on whether to sell the house or car, and why? Write it down and then prepare yourselves to address the issues with the help of an even-handed and legally versed advisor to be resolved as swiftly as possible

Approach Your Lawyer or Divorce Mediator with a Checklist and File Box

When you’ve done all the previous steps, approach your chosen divore professional. This may be A lawyer or a Denver divorce mediator like Split Simple. Bring your checklist, box of files, list of agreements, and your list of conflicts to be resolved. This will allow you to dive right into the necessary nitty-gritty of building a divorce that you can both live with – and that will facilitate two effective, functional adult lives when the separation is legally complete.

Your Denver divorce attorney will be impressed with your level of preparation and proud to help you take care of those final steps that require legal advice to do right – and experience to pick out the best practices and avoid a few common mistakes in building the right divorce agreement for your situation, assets, and family needs. Because you are so ready, your time will be used efficiently and you will have a strong divorce agreement in the least possible number of hours spend in negotiation, mediation, or consultation. in the process.

Researching and Negotiating Off-the-Clock

Some divorces are complex, requiring multiple days and meetings to fully hash out all the disagreements and asset separation involved. Take this time to prepare for the next meeting with the same level of personal readiness and efficiency.

If a few new concepts came up or you want to defend your point on a disagreement clearly, ake time between meetings for research. If you had a strong disagreement but your spouse is willing to negotiate – consider discussing your options and opinions off-the-clock to see if you can’t approach the next meeting ready to agree or ask for a professional to add their take to your decision.

This, yet again, saves you time and money while seeking a more practical and harmonious divorce with each step.

Sell with Timing and Strategy In Mind

Last but not least, don’t forget to sell anything you’re going to sell with the split family finances in mind. Both of you are better off if you sell the house, a car, furniture, or other assets at a good price. Work with a good realtor, make apt use of online selling tools, and even time your sales for the best moment of buyer demand. When the proceeds come in, both new households will be more enriched by the split proceeds.

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