How Long Does it Take to Get a Divorce In Colorado

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted March 24, 2017

Denver Divorce Mediation - Split SimpleIn almost every free Split Simple consultation, potential clients want to know: “How long does it take to get a Divorce in Colorado?”

As long as you and your spouse file the Petition as “Co-Petitioners” (i.e. you both sign the Petition in front a notary), a Colorado Divorce Court must wait a minimum of 91 days after the filing to enter a Decree of Dissolution or Legal Separation.  A similar rule applies in the event someone elects to have a Sheriff “serve” the other party or the other party signs a “Waiver and Acceptance of Service”, in that the 91 day “clock” begins upon such service or execution of the waiver. 

It is important to understand that the 91 day waiting period is only a minimum time period and assumes the end result is an uncontested divorce. In a contested Colorado divorce case it may take months to more than a year to finalize the divorce, depending on the nature of the divorce case and backed up court dockets. However, with our Split Simple uncontested divorce process, most couples resolve all issues in about one month or less so that the Divorce or Legal Separation is final shortly after the 91 day “cooling off” period.

One advantage to working with a skilled mediator is that it will allow you and your spouse to reach an Agreement in a relatively short period of time such that after filing your Petition you can sign your Separation Agreement. Once this Agreement has been signed by both parties you will begin to live under its terms, removing so much of the uncertainty that accompanies the divorce process.

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