How Does Divorce Mediation Work Over Long Distances?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted December 27, 2023

Long-Distance Divorce Mediation FAQ

Long-distance marriages and separations where one spouse moves away often end in divorce. When two spouses not only don’t live together, but don’t even live close, the chance of divorce rises above the 80% of separations for ending in divorce. However, it is notoriously difficult to get divorced while one spouse is not available to make in-person appearances. Court dates, in particular, are difficult to navigate when spouses live too far apart to easily travel or be in the same place at the same time.

Fortunately, divorce mediation in Denver makes it much easier to conduct your divorce at a distance with all of the discussion and negotiation necessary to create a truly mutual and personalized divorce agreement. Split Simple can answer your many questions regarding long-distance divorce and how to complete successful divorce mediation when there is a long distance between spouses.

Can You Get Divorced While One Spouse Lives Far Away?

It can be difficult to get divorced at a distance because traditional divorces require both spouses to make in-person court apperances. Even if you work out most of the details over the phone, a courtroom divorce requires you to appear in court.

However, if you file an uncontested divorce that does not require courtroom appointments, it becomes possible to complete your divorce without being physically in the same place at the same time.

Can You Get a Colorado Divorce if One Spouse Lives Outside the State?

If you are considering getting divorced in Denver, Colorado? Getting divorced in Colorado uses the state laws of Colorado to shape the terms and policies of your divorce. In order to file a Colorado divorce, only one spouse needs to be a registered resident of Colorado to get a Denver divorce. They will need to be a legal resident of Colorado for a minimum of 90 days before filing for divorce.

If a Colorado resident files for divorce, the divorce will be effective for both spouses. though one lives outside of Colorado.

Does Divorce Mediation Have to Take Place In-Person?

No. Divorce mediation can be conducted in any way that allows live three-way discussions between both spouses and the divorce mediator. Using modern technology, it is possible to conduct divorce mediation sessions with video meeting software. These platforms often include file and screen-sharing capabilities that make it easy even to focus on specific paperwork and checklists to complete the mediation process.

divorce mediation in denver

At Split Simple, we have been conducting fully remote divorce mediation for several years. We are able to accommodate any spouses who are not able to physically attend sessions at the same time through virtual meetings instead. Whether both spouses live in Denver with mis-matched schedules or long-distance spouses who need divorce without travel, remote mediation is the ideal solution.

Do Both Spouses Need to Live in Denver for Divorce Mediation?

No. Because remote sessions are possible, both spouses do not need to live in Denver to enjoy Denver divorce mediation. In fact, only one spouse even needs to live in Colorado. You can enjoy high-quality attorney-mediated divorce negotiations and file an uncontested divorce in Colorado with just one spouse who is a Colorado resident.

Ideally, one spouse will live in the Denver area, but even this is not a necessity, as both spouses can tune in via virtual meeting software.

Can You Get Denver Divorce Mediation if One Spouse Lives Far Away?

Yes. Divorce mediation is long-distance-friendly. Virtual sessions through video meetings are just as effective as in-person sessions when discussing divorce terms. Both spouses will have a chance to voice their concerns and preferences while the divorce mediator guides the discussion through the most practical decisions that will benefit both parties.

Can You Send Documents to Your Divorce Mediator Ahead of a Session?

Yes. Whether you will be having an in-person or virtual divorce mediation session, it is entirely possible to send in your documents before the meeting. In fact, this is the most efficient way to do things. Pre-submitting certain documents, like lists of assets and accounts, can allow your divorce mediator to prepare for the session and get started on the nitty-gritty of asset division without stopping to study documents brought at the beginning of the session.

You can also send in lists of concerns or requests so that your mediator is prepared to address personal items in addition to purely numeric matters.

Do Both Spouses Need to Be Present to Finalize the Divorce?

No. If you file an uncontested divorce in Colorado, your divorce may be granted without a court appearance. This means that long-distance spouses can successfully file for uncontested divorce without any travel necessary.

The best way to file an uncontested divorce that will be automatically accepted by the court is through divorce mediation in Denver. The mediation process allows an attorney-mediator to prepare your desired asset split, child custody, and specific divorce terms in compliance with Colorado law.

At the end of divorce mediation in Denver by Split Simple, we prepare your terms in a formal document and will submit it to the court on your behalf whenever you are ready, with no court appearance required.

How Does Joint Custody Work When Parents Don’t Live Close to Each Other?

You may also be wondering how to tackle the details of your divorce at a distance. One of the most complex issues to handle long-distance is child custody. Modern child custody agreements favor equal parenting time, also known as 50/50 custody, joint custody, or split custody. Because children do best when they have a strong and stable relationship with both parents, it is preferable to arrange equal custody time with both parents.

While most split custody schedules involve switching out during the week or every other week, long-distance parents tend to plan larger chunks of time where the children live in either parent’s home. If school stability is a concern, schedules favor a school year parent while the other parent is favored for summers and long holiday breaks, often with long weekend visits and virtual parenting time during the school semesters.

Your mediator can help you build a schedule that is uniquely tailored to work with both parents work schedules, the children’s school schedule, and any special family preferences.

Getting a Denver Divorce for a Long-Distance Marriage

If you are seeking a long-distance divorce, divorce mediation in Denver with Split Simple can help you file an uncontested divorce without the need for travel or in-person appearances. As long as one spouse is a Colorado resident, you can enjoy all the benefits of our Denver divorce mediation service. Contact Split Simple today for your initial consultation.

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