Help! My Divorce Documents Were Rejected – Now What?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted September 12, 2019

Divorce can be stressful in any scenario. If you decide to handle your divorce pro se (without an attorney) if can be even more stressful. 

In addition to making sure property and assets are being fairly distributed, you may also be dealing with child custody and visitation issues. In the best scenario, you and your soon to be ex-spouse are agreeable and are working together to resolve all issues amicably. Having said that, even when all your issues have been resolved and all parties are satisfied with the settlements, you still have to present your divorce and supporting documents to the Court for approval in order to proceed. Don’t allow rejected documents to delay the finalization of your divorce.


Divorce mediation in Chicago can be a helpful tool for couples looking to divorce who need a little guidance and direction. You both may know what you want but are having a hard time putting it into words or you are anxious that all the bases are not being covered and you are leaving yourself or your children vulnerable.

At Split Simple, we have experienced, dedicated attorneys on staff who act as mediators in divorce situations. Since they are well-versed in the local and state laws regarding divorce, child support, custody, and property distribution, they are highly qualified to assist you with your issues and concerns.

Chicago divorce mediators are impartial and simply act in a facilitator capacity to help you and your spouse both get what you need from the divorce with minimal fuss.


Split Simple has created a streamlined process to get you through your divorce negotiations as quickly as possible while minimizing stress on all parties involved.

We schedule an initial consultation by phone free of charge where you will be advised of the pricing plan rate for your case.

In-person consultations will be scheduled and at that time, both spouses will be provided with checklists to assist in keeping the process moving smoothly. Questionnaires will also be distributed that deal with finances, etc. so that the Chicago divorce mediator has all the tools necessary to assist with property distribution, child custody, alimony, and any other issues up for negotiations.

After the consultations, both spouses will receive easy to understand review documents laying out what has been agreed upon so that each party can review everything and make sure they are comfortable and in agreement with the finalized terms.

The mediator will also furnish all the court documents required so that they may be filed with the court when both parties are ready to proceed.


When submitting court documents as a pro se party to a divorce, you need to make sure that you have met all the requirements the court has set forth in order to have your settlement agreement approved by a judge and have him/her sign off and grant your divorce.

If you are missing supporting documents or have sent in incomplete forms, your divorce will not be granted. In addition, if you did not provide the correct proofs of services required by the court, your divorce could be significantly delayed.

Of course, you could fix the errors and resubmit, but ideally, you want to have them accepted on your first submission.

Split Simple can guarantee that your documents are accepted by the court. That’s right – guaranteed.

Our Chicago divorce mediators are familiar with the requirements set forth by the courts regarding divorce, property settlement agreements, and child-related divorce matters. What this means is that once you have completed your consultations and negotiations with the mediator and spouse, all the court documents and supporting documents that you and your spouse need to complete your divorce will be completed for you.

You will receive everything necessary to submit to the court for approval and we can promise you they will be accepted and approved.

And what if they aren’t…

If by some chance the documents we provided to you are not accepted by the court of approved by the judge, we will rectify the issues at no additional charge to our clients.

We will review the response from the court and make any necessary changes or provide additional information as requested.

Our team has you covered. We promise to make every effort to minimize any delay in the finalization of your divorce. Our reputation is on the line. And that reputation speaks for itself. We have assisted hundreds of couples with getting a mutually satisfying divorce that protects their rights and the rights of their minor children.

Some clients opt to have an attorney in addition to our Chicago divorce mediator. That is absolutely fine and we understand wanting to have additional protection to ensure you are being treated fairly during the divorce proceedings.

In these cases, attorneys sometimes complicate the mediation somewhat and while we would never insist that you don’t involve your own attorney, we want to assure you that our mediators remain fair and impartial throughout the mediation proceedings.

Some DIY Divorce Issues to Consider

Forms downloaded from online court sites may not be up to date if they are available at all. Not having the correct forms or all the forms required can significantly delay your divorce hearing. Until all of the necessary court forms and support documents are accepted by the court you will not even get a court hearing date.

One of both spouses may have forgotten major asset holdings or debts that can significantly impact their futures because they were not addressed due to simple forgetfulness or verbal agreements that can fall through in the future.

By not having a 3rd party oversee your settlement and custody agreement, the spouses can leave unanswered questions that can become sources of contention after the divorce. You want the divorce to address all concerns and issues so that you don’t have to revisit them later on.

Utilize a Divorce Mediator in Chicago to Ensure That Doesn’t Happen.

If you and your spouse are considering or have decided on divorcing and wish to handle it on your own, do yourselves one last favor as a couple – call Split Simple and schedule a consultation. It is affordable, amicable and effective. Contact Split Simple today for help navigating the divorce mediation process 312-238-9595

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