Handling Divorce and Depression: How Divorce Mediation Can Help

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted December 22, 2023

Divorce and depression are two concepts that are inevitably linked. Many people experience depression along with the realization or acceptance that their marriage is ending. Whether it’s a sense of failure to live up to societal standards or grief over a relationship that has permanently changed, depression is a natural side effect. Some people also carry depression with them as a psychological or medical condition that makes the entire situation inherently much harder to deal with.

When Depression Makes Divorce Just Too Much

Depression is like a heavy weight. It is experienced a little differently by each person ranging from overwhelming sadness to crippling apathy. Some people going through an intense depression can’t get out of bed, some go through the motions but even deciding what to eat for breakfast can become an overwhelming decision. In the face of depression, divorce can seem like too big a challenge to overcome, too big a change to handle, or too sad a situation to acknowledge.

If you suffer from depression, divorce can seem like just too much, and your spouse asking for important decisions to be made likely makes you want to hide or burst into tears, depending on how your depression manifests. To make matters worse, treating your depression with self-care and carefully good vibes feels nearly impossible when facing the devastating circumstances of divorce, a situation dire enough to make strong, naturally upbeat people sit in the dark wishing it would all go away.

When Your Spouse is Too Depressed to Help with the Divorce

uncontested divorce mediation

Dealing with a spouse going through an intense depression during a divorce can be equally challenging. If your spouse’s divorce has spiralled into unmanageable depths in a time when you really need them to pull it together and agree on a few practical terms, you’re not the first. Depending on the course of your marriage, you may feel sympathy for their depression or just an empty well of exasperation at this point. Their depression may be a personal demon they struggle with, something they seem to choose over you again and again, and perhaps a major contributor to the divorce itself.

But when your spouse just won’t work with you to amicably end the marriage because they can’t get out of bed or muster the energy to sign a few pieces of paper, you may be tempted to take drastic action just to reclaim the ability to move forward with your own life – or defend the sanity of yourself and your children.

Divorce Mediation Can Break Through the Depression Barrier

For those who don’t know how to move forward with a divorce as the result of one or two cases of crippling depression, Denver divorce mediators can help. A divorce mediator is someone whose job is to assist both sides in finding the most mutually beneficial divorce terms. They diffuse negative emotions and try to make sure only the most constructive conversations are had while building a new life for both parties through the divorce agreement. This even-handed, soft-spoken, yet determined approach could be exactly what you and your spouse need to make it through the depression barrier and complete a successful divorce.

Divorce Can Be Scary, A Mediator is Not

For those going through divorce and depression at the same time, it can be tough to face the divorce because the whole concept is terrifying. Emotional and financial honesty are necessary, and it means big changes are already happening – all concepts that can be difficult to face in the throws of a deep depression.

However, a Denver divorce mediators is much less frightening than the looming concepts of lawyers, court rooms, and hefty paperwork.

A divorce mediator handles the process with conversation, not litigation. The environment is a soft conference room, not a court room, and they work hard to make sure everyone is comfortable with the process as it progresses.

Working for Everyone’s Best Interest

A divorce mediator’s goal is to work toward the best interest of every party. Emotions and past events can stay safely in the past, their real concern is making sure that the divorce agreement builds a positive life for everyone involved. That means financial stability, fair custody, and even making arrangements for someone to get help if they need it.

A depressed spouse can bring their own desire for good will and positive outcomes to the mediation table without feeling attacked during the negotiation process. Many of the decisions they are nervous about will answer themselves because the mediator will help both spouses find the most beneficial common ground.

A Custody Agreement that Focuses on the Kids

Lastly, if there are children to consider, the goal of a Denver divorce mediator is to build the best co-parenting plan possible. Their goal is to help both parents get fair custody, maintain a healthy parenting relationship, and minimize disruption in their lives. A parent who is struggling with depression may fear that the divorce will ‘take away’ their children or create instability, but the mediation process is extremely reassuring in this regard.

Both parents can come to the mediation table assured that their mediator will help to build a child custody plan that provides the best situation for the children, emphasizing strong parent-child relationships on both sides to the greatest extent that is possible.

Managing Depression to Build a Healthy Divorce Agreement with Split Simple

With the help of a Denver divorce mediators, a divorce agreement can lead to a healthier life for everyone involved. If one or both spouses in your divorce suffer from depression, Split Simple’s compassionate and skilled mediators can help you build a beneficial and healthy divorce agreement even when divorce seems like it’s all too much to deal with.

Whether you are suffering from a deep depression or dealing with a spouse who is too depressed to handle a traditional divorce, Split Simple is here to help. Contact Split Simple today for an initial consultation and we can help you build an approachable and mutually beneficial divorce process that seeks the best solutions for everyone.

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