Four Myths about Divorce Mediation

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted September 22, 2016

Many people have a lot of pre-conceptions about divorce, ideas they've conjured up based on pop culture and conversations with friends and family. Sadly, these pre-conceptions are often misconceptions, and they can prevent you from finding the optimal solution to the problems facing you and your spouse.

Here are four popular myths about divorce, followed by the reality.

Myths about Divorce Mediation - DenverMyth #1: A courtroom divorce is the only way to get a good outcome

The reality: Divorce mediation enables both parties to find fair and equitable solutions. Our unique approach to divorce ensures that both spouses are treated fairly and left on sound financial footing.

Myth #2: You can't retain a divorce lawyer if you opt for divorce mediation.

The reality: Split Simple's process can easily accommodate divorce lawyers. While attorneys are certainly not needed when you choose Split Simple, we understand you might be more comfortable with your own attorney.

Myth #3: Divorce mediation just puts off problems

The reality: Split Simple's unique approach to divorce is designed to squarely confront and solve problems. We have a proven track record of helping divorcing couples work through seemingly intractable problems.

Myth #4: Divorce mediation will still require hiring a lawyer to fill out complicated paperwork

The reality: Split Simple employs experienced attorney-mediators to conduct your sessions. Once a divorce settlement is reached, our attorney-mediators will complete all relevant paperwork. You will not have to hire your own lawyer just to help you understand the relevant agreements. Document completion is one of our most important services, and we offer you a guarantee that your divorce settlement will earn a judge's approval.

If you have questions about divorce mediation or you're looking for a firm in the Denver, Colorado area you can trust, please call Split Simple today at 855-665-9920 for a free consultation.