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Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted May 30, 2024

Here are some of the more common questions about Denver divorce mediators and mediation that come across our desks here at Split Simple.

What is divorce mediation?

Denver divorce mediation is growing as an alternative to the complex, traditional divorce production. Instead of sitting in front of a judge and letting the court dictate how the decoupling will end, work with a well-versed, neutral third party who helps the spouses determine the outcome.

Are mediators divorce lawyers?

Not always. They may be attorneys, but mediators can also be psychologists or other marriage-related professionals. In their capacity as mediators, they have no authority or power to determine legal decisions concerning the breakup. Their role is to facilitate negotiations among the want-to-be ex-spouses, discussing all concerns to facilitate an amicable separation. The Denver divorce mediator helps the couple get over the bumps in the road, negotiating everything from child visitation to the division of assets.

Does divorce mediation work?

When you utilize Denver divorce mediation near you, you get an accomplished professional who can concentrate on the specific issues of the spouses/parents. The process works as both parties can directly hear concerns (even if they choose to mediate separately) through the mediator who accommodates individual concerns without compromising either spouse’s interests.

What are the major benefits of a Denver family law attorney in mediation?

There are many advantages to using mediation. Here’s what we consider the top three.

  • Save Time and Cost: The final cost of mediation may be high but that depends on how much negotiation the couple needs. But, on average, couples looking for an uncontested divorce are better served with mediation than a courtroom.
  • Eliminate Inefficiency: Communicating via judges and lawyers takes up a lot of costs and a lot of time. With a conventional divorce, you have no idea how long it will take for your message to go from the secretary to the paralegal to your lawyer. One spouse’s attorney speaks with the other spouse’s attorney before getting back to the first spouse. This expends so much time (which in the law field equals mo’ money!). Mediation accelerates open discussion and faster resolution without roadblocks.
  • Distortion Is Minimized: Communicating through lawyers and judges or via agitated exes often leads to message distortion. In mediation, where negotiations are open-ended, it’s not unusual for a spouse to learn they never had a handle on their future exe’s viewpoint. When both parties are present in divorce and family mediation, they speak freely and clear up misunderstandings. The result is a greater chance of compromise.

Are there risks when using mediation for parenting?

There is no risk-free dispute process. A Denver divorce mediator will do everything in their power to get fair treatment for all parents, but they focus on ways parents and children can maintain healthy relationships after the divorce. Child support and custody through Denver divorce mediation is a less adversarial process than you’d get before a judge, but parents still need to come to an agreement about what’s best for the family’s stability. That requires accurate, adequate, and honest communication. So, for spouses, financial disclosures and living situations must be candid. If this is not the case, mediation may not be best for the dissolution of your marriage.

Can I use Denver divorce mediators to negotiate child support and child custody?

With children involved, a split’s complexity intensifies. In a conventional divorce proceeding, the final agreement is based on formulas used by Colorado courts. With mediation, you have a trustworthy and impartial resource familiar with family law and how to apply it to your situation while ensuring everyone legally gets what they need to create an agreeable visitation schedule.

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The goal of Denver divorce mediation is to help couples come to mutually beneficial agreements. That includes the optimization of parenting plans. In this matter, Denver family law attorneys from Split Simple mitigates confusion. They develop plans that encourage loving, safe, and solid practices that allow all family members to move forward together.

Is using a Denver family law attorney for mediation expensive?

No. A great benefit to hiring a Denver divorce mediator is the process will be relatively inexpensive compared to commissioning full representation from a law firm. Usually, the divorcing parties agree to share the costs of the mediation (which is limited to an hourly rate). How much you expense then is dictated by how long your sessions take.

With a conventional divorce, you can ballpark a figure, but there’s no way to know. Expect to pay a lawyer, court fees, paperwork, and any other sundry expense associated with the filing. If you go to trial, the bills really pile up. In Colorado, a finalized divorce typically ends up costing around $10,000.

If both parties are looking for an uncontested, amicable split, Denver divorce mediation will cost less.

What if the spouses cannot agree?

The Denver divorce mediator will work to create an agreement both parties accept and the judge will sign off on. If it becomes obvious the discussions are too contentious for mediation, you may have to turn to a judge.

What happens when mediation is completed?

A mediator works with you to design equitable division of debts and assets, spousal maintenance, and child support and co-parenting strategies and plans.

So, all matters of family law and divorce are on the table. As long as your agreements do not violate the law, the judge is likely to sign off on them and so everyone walks away ready for the next phase of their lives.

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When you partner with Split Simple, you completely sidestep the stressful, inherently unpleasant — and often unfair — process the legal system utilizes for divorce. We offer a transparent product, providing a skilled mediator/attorney who knows how to work through the issues and glitches waiting for you in divorce court. It’s a proven uncontested process that protects everyone without exacerbating a potentially volatile situation that affects the life of every family member.

If you’re looking for a better way to end a union that won’t fill your life with frustration and anxiety, reach out to Denver’s Split Simple, Denver divorce mediators.

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