Divorce Mediation FAQs: How Long Does It Take to Get a Divorce with Mediation in Denver?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted November 8, 2023

How long does it take to get a divorce in Denver if you use a divorce mediator?

Answer: With Split Simple divorce mediation, the shortest possible time for a Denver divorce is 2 hours and 91 days.

How Long Does It Take to Get Divorced in Denver?

  • Typical Divorce Time:
    • 3-6 months of negotiations
    • 3 months (91 days) of waiting for approval  

When you want a divorce in Denver and you want it fast, seeking a divorce attorney is not always the right move. You already know that attorneys charge by the hour, and that cases are more valuable to them when they take more hours to complete. You may have heard from a divorce lawyer that it will take six to nine months to get divorced in Denver.  

This isn’t necessarily true. In the state of Colorado, the minimum amount of time a divorce can take is 91 days –  or three months – from submitting your divorce papers to the court to the court finalizing your divorce. Everything else is just the time you need to assemble your divorce papers for both parties to sign. How long that takes depends on the spouses and how they choose to resolve their concerns vis-a-vis the divorce.

Why the 91-Day Wait to Get Divorced in Colorado?

  • Prevents impulse divorces
  • Should not be an obstacle for reasonable ex’s

Every divorce in the state of Colorado takes a minimum of 3 months (91 days) to complete. This is a legal “cool down” period which is designed to minimize knee-jerk divorces and give couples time to reconcile. While you may be certain about your desire for a divorce – you may have already thought long and hard about this decision – the 91-day waiting period is designed stop impulsive couples from continually marrying and divorcing with the quarrel and make-up cycle.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live together and during this approval delay period, you and your soon-to-by-ex can complete arrangements to live separately and start legally separate lives as soon as the paperwork clears.

How Does Divorce Mediation Make a Divorce Go Faster?

If you choose Denver divorce mediation instead of a divorce lawyer, you can significantly speed up the process of finalizing your paperwork before the 91 day waiting period. The reason is simple: an approach seeking harmony and mutually beneficial solutions instead of trying to rack up the billable hours with conflict. 

denver divorce attorney

A divorce mediator’s role is to act as a guide – a divorce expert who knows the legal requirements for a divorce agreement and a few asset-management best-practices. Their goal is to help both spouses neatly separate their finances, lifestyles, and  – if necessary  – build a functional and flexible child custody plan to create the healthiest possible post-divorce situation for everyone involved.

Instead of bringing up things to fight about, your divorce mediator will suggest good compromises that both spouses can feel are fair. They will offer clever financial solutions to evenly split assets without disturbing hard-to-split accounts or property. This approach can cut hours, days, and even months out of the divorce settlement process because a good, well-structured divorce is actually much easier to build than a divorce built around conflict.

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take?

  • Two to Six Hours

Divorce mediation can take as little as two to six hours to complete, plus a final document review session. Here a Split Simple, we’ve found that any two spouses ready to tackle their divorce with compromise and paperwork at-the-ready can take care of all the necessary arrangements in one, two, or three two-hours sessions – and only the most complex divorces take the full six hours of mediation time. 

Compare that to your Denver divorce lawyer’s estimate, and you’ll see the profound difference in approach -and how much time you’re expected to wait before you can complete your divorce.

In each two-hour session, the mediator and both spouses will work together to resolve every issue of finances, custody, property, and post-divorce conditions that need to be covered. With a checklist and a practiced itinerary, we can do this much more quickly than you might think and without having to meet, check back with lawyers, and meet again.  The little issues are solved quickly and big issues like child custody, co-parenting plans, and splitting complex business interests are given the most time. Even so, you can expect to spend no more than six hours in conference with a Split Simple divorce mediator before final documents are prepared and ready to submit.

I’m In a Hurry, How Fast Can I Get Divorced in Denver?

  • 2 Hours and 91 Days

With Split Simple, you can complete a legal divorce from your spouse in a single two-hour session, a final document review, and the mandatory 91 days after submitting your paperwork.  If we were going to give a safe, padded estimate, budget for about 100 days – that’s one week of margin time to book your Denver divorce mediation, sit with a divorce mediator for two hours, and then get your final documents to review and sign. 

Once both spouses have signed and submitted the divorce documents, Split Simple can guarantee that they will be accepted by the court in the minimum 91 day timespan. From there, you are spouse-free on the fastest schedule possible in the state of Colorado.

Fast, Efficient, and Fair Divorce Mediation with Split Simple

Split simple makes it easy for two reasonable adults to end a marriage in the most efficient and mutually beneficial way possible. Don’t worry about divorce delays or constant revisiting of terms. Your divorce won’t drag on forever and you can be certain that, when it’s done, there separation will be practical, complete, and provide a solid foundation for both spouses to start new separate lives.

If you are looking to finalize your divorce in a reasonable amount of time and money, you will enjoy Split Simple’s transparent and efficient approach to Denver divorce mediation. Whether you need two, four, or six hours of focused mediation, we’ll make sure you and your spouse have the divorce agreement you need and can start that 91-day countdown without the months of billable hours in between.

Contact Split Simple today to explore your divorce plans and find out how quickly we can reach your ideal divorce agreement.

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