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Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted August 25, 2021

A divorce can be a very temperamental time for everyone involved. Dissolving a marriage can have a lasting emotional and financial impact on your family especially children. In fact, research suggests, “kids of all ages also suffer the emotional impact of divorce.” Mediation is a compassionate resolution compared to traditional divorce, and it’s an opportunity to focus on rebuilding your new life. 

At Split Simple, we focus on an amicable solution for Denver residents seeking an uncontested divorce in Denver. Keep reading more details below to discover how mediation flourished during the pandemic and why it’s here to stay. 

The Pandemic: Mediation Becomes A Favored Divorce Option

While some people used the quarantine as a chance to bond, others used it as a time to admit having irreconcilable differences. Quarantine was a time many couples decided they didn’t want to stay in their marriage. For others, the pandemic was a time to be alright with living a life independent of their partner.

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Leslie A. Soley, blogger for Business Journal online writes, “mediation is an amicable way to work through a divorce during a pandemic.” She also discussed the fundamentals of divorce during COVID-19 as a result of a loss of income and prolonged unemployment, homeschooling, and the increased burden of taking care of the family. Soley notes, “each couple has different reasons for divorcing during the pandemic, but mostly all of them have been related to personal differences spouses were unable to ignore during the pandemic.” “Forced togetherness has  resulted in 34% of Americans getting divorced,” says host, Charlie Kirk of 1280 AM KIT News Talk radio.

Many people fear airing their grievances out in a courtroom. The idea of facing a judge can be intimidating for people getting a divorce for the first time. A Denver family law attorney has the compassionate expertise to help couples work through a divorce post COVID. Check out the benefits of mediation for a divorce post pandemic below. 

5 Benefits Of Divorce Mediation Post Pandemic

1. Avoid Crowded Courts

A courtroom can be an uncomfortable place for anybody. It can make you feel forced to appear in front of people you don’t know. Most people are intimidated by discussing their personal business in open court. Mediation is a personalized setting. The mediator takes a compassionate approach to your divorce. You’re given a personal conference room that accommodates social distancing practices and each party can bring their own legal counsel or save money by simply utilizing the mediator as a guide through their divorce.

2. Hidden Treasure For Uncontested Divorce

If you and your partner have the personal, financial, property, and custodial matters of your divorce settled, there’s nothing left to settle. Your next step is getting an official decree. There’s no need to stand in front of a judge because a Denver divorce mediator specializes in drafting a divorce settlement that’s submitted to the court on your behalf. More importantly, mediation is a personal way to work out the differences you have been unable to resolve too. 

3. Make The Adjustment Easier For The Kids 

With the increased family time, kids are more likely to notice when something’s wrong. If there’s turmoil in the family, children are probably one of the first to notice the signs of a looming divorce. For example, kids are quick to notice tension or a breakdown of communication between their parents. Mediation allows your children to avoid the stress of a traditional divorce.  Most people will reach a settlement with an uncontested divorce in Denver in one session. Your children can avoid the emotional distress of a messy divorce because mediation allows spouses to work through a divorce as amicable and quickly as possible.

4. Maintain Your Budget Post COVID

If the pandemic has left you financially strapped, and you’re dissolving your marriage, mediation costs 58% less than a courtroom divorce. There’s no court costs for multiple courtroom appearances. Mediation is billed on a flat-cost fee scale. Clients avoid the high cost of unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, but are responsible for the cost of retaining a private attorney to assist them with mediation. 

5. Start Rebuilding Your New Life 

Divorce mediation is a chance to rebuild your life. With the emotional impact divorce can have on your family, it’s imperative you start to adjust to your new normal from day one. Things can be tough after a divorce, and it’s important you focus on yourself right away. Mediation makes getting an uncontested divorce simple. It’s really important your children also begin to adjust as soon as possible to avoid the long-term impact of divorce. Mediation focuses on the settlement agreement as a neutral third party. If you need someone to objectively help you reach a divorce settlement, Denver divorce mediators are there to help. 

The pandemic has been a time of uncertainty for many children and adults. If you’ve decided you want to dissolve your marriage, getting an amicable divorce is within your budget. You can find a compassionate resolution compared to a traditional courtroom divorce. If it’s an uncontested divorce, we’ll help you reach a settlement and obtain an official divorce decree. Our legal experts focus on your divorce while you have an opportunity to focus on other elements of your life including your children or new life goals post pandemic. We care about how your divorce is settled at Split Simple. 

Why Denver Residents Prefer Split Simple 

At Split Simple, we’re experienced attorney-mediators. We take a personalized, but thoughtful approach to your divorce. For over 20+ years, our team of experts has helped local area Denver residents with their divorce using mediation services. We make getting an uncontested divorce affordable for most couples. We understand you have enough to worry about and strive to make getting a divorce easy. You’re invited to contact Split Simple today and discreetly discuss your divorce. 

Our dedicated Denver divorce mediators can’t take away the emotions associated with divorce, but we ensure your Denver divorce is affordable.

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