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Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted March 23, 2022

In Denver, there are two kinds of divorce: contested and uncontested. A contested divorce, or litigious divorce, is one where the two spouses cannot agree on terms for a divorce contract and the court must step in. They each arm up with lawyers and demand what they believe to be a fair or punishing share. Ultimately, the fight goes to the courtroom where a judge must make the final decisions. This process is traditional, but also notoriously costly, stressful, and traumatic for families during and after the split.  

It’s no surprise that most spouses look into alternatives. An uncontested divorce is one where the divorce contract is completed, signed, and submitted to the court without any necessary intervention. Any path used to reach this final agreement, provided the terms are fair and legal, and are acceptable for more peacefully (and affordably) ending a marriage.  Divorce mediation in Denver is among the most popular alternatives to a litigious divorce.  

What is Divorce Mediation?

In divorce mediation, both spouses share one mediator who provides legal and financial advice in building the divorce agreement. The goal of Denver divorce mediation is to write a divorce agreement that works best for both spouses and all other related family members. An ideal divorce agreement helps both spouses launch separately and creates a balanced, flexible co-parenting framework that adapts as the children grow up.

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The mediator helps spouses deal with differences – with an eye toward fast, practical resolutions. They will also help you avoid “rookie mistakes” in divorce terms, ensuring that your terms are legally sound and won’t set you up for accidental pitfalls in the future (like keeping the house without income for the mortgage).

Whether you agree on separation terms or you expect a fight, divorce mediation can help reduce the conflict and costs of your divorce while increasing the practical stability of your final agreement.

How Divorce Mediation Works

  • You, Spouse, and Mediator
    • You sit down with your spouse and mediator for a straightforward conference to hammer out your divorce terms.
  • Prepare Your Records and Paperwork
    • We tell you which documents to bring to save you time and money on billable hours. You come prepared and we help you take a practical approach to splitting your assets and dealing with any special circumstances.
  • Two-Hour Mediation Sessions
    • We meet for focused two-hour sessions. We find most spouses can conclude a mutual divorce in one to three two-hour sessions. The sessions also allow you to prepare for session efficiency between meetings.
  • Check Terms Off the List
    • Our goal is to build a solid divorce agreement. We’ll check off the necessary and desired terms one by one, you’ll see results within the first session.
  • Sign the Completed Divorce Contract
    • When all the terms are agreed on, we’ll write a complete legal document, ensuring that it is legally compliant, fair, and agreeable for both spouses.
  • File Your Divorce with the Court
    • Once your document is filed with the court, it will be processed and you’ll be notified when your divorce is legally complete.
  • Start the Rest of Your Life
    • Your mediation-built divorce agreement should provide you a practical foundation to take on the next step of your new separate lives.

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation

Couples choose Denver divorce mediation because of the many benefits over a litigious divorce. The key difference, of course, is that you’re dealing with one legal professional, not two opposing lawyers who are obligated to fight for separate clients. A divorce mediator wants the best solution for everyone, including the most streamlined and affordable service. This creates some very important benefits for those who choose divorce mediation in Denver.

1) A Divorce that Minimizes Conflict & Cost

Two lawyers are obligated to each fight for their individual clients. This leads to conflict and, unfortunately, long and inflated billable hours of conflict and preparing for conflict. Fighting and court dates inflate the cost of your divorce.

Denver divorce mediation takes it the other direction. In streamlined two-hour sessions, the time you pay for is focused on finding solutions that work for everyone and finalizing the terms that go into your divorce. 

2) A Practical Look at Splitting Assets

The two most complicated aspects of divorce are usually financial assets and child custod. We’ll tackle the assets first, with a practical look at your lives after the divorce and the simplest path to an even, fair, and livable split. We’ll help you make the right decision on shared assets, safely split personal assets, and ensure both spouses can (and kids) can start a stable financial life after the divorce.

3) A Family-Focused Approach to Custody

Custody isn’t about who gets the most custody, it’s about the right balance for your jobs, lifestyles, and for your children’s growing-up experience. Today,, shared custody is more common than the traditional primary/weekend split. If your children or teens want to be heard, they can take a place at the table for a session. We’ll also help you build a flexible custody plan that can adapt to changing jobs, lifestyles, and children who grow up.

4) Save Expenses for Your Life After Divorce

When you choose divorce mediation, you can easily calculate the cost. We can usually resolve a divorce in two to five two-hour sessions. No surprise billable hours, no long costly conflicts. Just a straight-forward focus on using your time and money in the most efficient way possible for the most beneficial final divorce agreement. Everything you save on divorce, you keep as starting capital for your new post-divorce life.

Where Can You Find Divorce Mediation in Denver?

Denver family law attorneys have always been focused on alternative dispute resolution. Here at Split Simple our mediation can help separating couples find what they agree on, compromise on conflicts, and determine the most mutually beneficial financial split. We’ll help you take the stress and time-consuming conflict out of the divorce experience and make your divorce what it should be: the first step to the rest of your separate lives.

If you are looking for divorce mediation in Denver, contact Split Simple today for a phone consultation.

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