Can You Bring Your Personal Attorney to Divorce Mediation?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted June 7, 2023

Divorce is a complex process that can be handled in many different ways. You may have recently discovered that Denver divorce mediation is your best route to resolution, but what if you already have a Denver family law attorney on your side?

When most people approach divorce for the first time, they reach out to a family law attorney for a consultation and some guidance. If you formed a strong connection, and especially if you have already begun working together, you may want to bring your family law attorney with you through the process – even if you ultimately choose divorce mediation. 

Here at Split Simple, we can involve your personal lawyer into the process if that’s what you prefer. This article will explore why, when, and how to incorporate a personal divorce lawyer into your Denver divorce mediation service.

Divorce Mediation: How It Works

Traditional divorce involves two opposing spouses and two opposing lawyers. The family law attorneys then facilitate negotiations until a divorce agreement can be drafted, submitted, and approved. Each personal attorney advises their client-spouse on what is best for their personal finances and future. Divorce mediation takes a different approach.  

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Instead of two lawyers, there is one legally experienced Denver divorce mediator in the room whose goal is the best solution for both parties. They can help you build a divorce that doesn’t overlook any important details -and doesn’t leave one or both spouses at a financial disadvantage. The mediator can help work through differences and major disagreements – or they can facilitate an amicable split with the most practical terms of separation.

Involving Others in Divorce Mediation

While normally there are three people in a Denver divorce mediation session, you can bring in more. For example, teens and older children may want to be heard and mediation is a safe space for them to air their concerns or requests about how the divorce will go. If you have a shared business or truly complicated finances, you might bring in a dedicated financial advisor who has been handling your assets and will help separate them cleanly.

In this way, you can also bring in your personal attorney into mediation sessions if you want their support or guidance in pursuing your goals.

Reasons to Bring a Lawyer to Divorce Mediation

Why might you bring your personal lawyer to a Denver divorce mediation session? Divorces are very personal and aren’t always straight-forward to navigate. There are several reasons why you might want your Denver family law attorney in the room in addition to the mediator who is there to help both parties.

You Already Connected with a Denver Divorce Attorney

If you started your divorce journey with the help of a local Denver family lawyer, we understand. You may have formed a strong bond and your now-personal attorney may have a deeper understanding of your situation that your Denver divorce mediator will, at first. You can bring in your current divorce attorney for moral support, to help your mediator take over negotiations with full disclosure, and to check over final terms on your behalf.

This will allow you to continue your personal divorce attorney relationship while also benefitting from the mutual solution approach of divorce mediation.

This Is Your Family Lawyer

Some people have a family lawyer they have known for a long time. A family lawyer might be a close friend of the family or someone who is intimately familiar with your personal finances and family assets. Your family lawyer may make it policy to be involved in most legal dealings that relate to you or your close relatives, and you may be in the habit of looping them into any major life decisions.

If you would like to bring your family lawyer to divorce mediation sessions, this is something we can accommodate.

You Have Legal Concerns that Are Hard to Explain

Sometimes, the reason for a personal lawyer’s support is to explain your legal complications. Perhaps your finances are tied up in a trust, a business, or a non-profit. You may have a complex prenuptial agreement or have other legal obligations that are not typical to your average divorce. A personal lawyer can help your Denver divorce mediator understand these unusual complexities – without you having to write down or memorize all the relative terms and numbers.

You’re Not Sure About Mediation Yet

Many people are hearing about divorce mediaton for the first time when researching divorce options. If you’re not sure about the process and already have a divorce lawyer on your side, you can bring your Denver family law attorney to check out our process and let you know how it will work in  your favor.

How Split Simple Accommodates Personal Attorneys

Split Simple has a specific approach to Denver divorce mediation that does not include separate lawyers, but we can accomodate separate and personal lawyers and have developed a process for doing so without compromising the mediation method.

Separate Lawyer Consultations

We will invite each spouse with a personal lawyer to a separate meeting with the mediator. All the personal lawyer’s concerns will be voiced and discussed. Then another meeting will be held if the other spouse also has a personal lawyer.

This allows us to fully understand each individual set of motivations and concerns without allowing two opposing divorce lawyers to conflict in the same room. This preserves the mutual atmosphere of a mediation meeting while also respecting each spouse’s desire for personal counsel or representation.

Post-Lawyer Collaboration

After these separate meetings, both spouses will join the Denver divorce mediator to pursue the mutual resolution process. Issues covered in private meetings will play an appropriate role in negotiations so that spouses can focus on mutual solutions instead of the conflict-and-gain style of a traditional divorce.

If you have further concerns, we will approach the separate-and-together mediation style once again until all solutions are found.

Leveraging Family Lawyers in the Divorce Mediation Process

If you choose not to have your personal lawyer present during the Denver divorce mediation sessions, the experienced divorce mediation attorneys at Split Simple will recommend spouses use family lawyers as a second set of eyes on the agreement. With each spouse utilizing their own attorney for the divorce mediation review, this is by far the most efficient way to leverage a family lawyer in the standard process of mediation.

Checking Your Mediated Divorce Agreement with a Personal Lawyer

Most of the time, personal lawyers are not involved in divorce mediation sessions, but there is a place for them in the process. When you are done drafting a mediated divorce agreement with your mediator’s guidance and expertise, each spouse can and should take the final agreement to their individual lawyers for review. This is where your personal attorney looks over the document and confirms that everything is fair, legal, and that the terms act in your best interest.

Through Denver divorce mediation, you can minimize the billable hours needed with your personal attorney down to the most efficient check to make sure the final agreement will be beneficial to you and your future – as your soon-to-be-ex does the same with their personal counsel.

Here at Split Simple, we aim to make divorce as easy and beneficial as possible. Sometimes, this means the inclusion of personal family lawyers and family law attorneys so that each spouse can fully explore their concerns and possible solutions. Contact Split Simple today to find out more or book your first mediation session.

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