Can Uncontested Divorce Work For Couples With Serious Disagreements?

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted February 19, 2016

One point we hear a lot from Aurora-area couples considering divorce is the idea that their problems are too complicated for divorce mediation. You might think that you and your spouse disagree over too much to go through the uncontested divorce process.

But this isn't true. "Uncontested divorce" does not mean "easy divorce" or "simple divorce." It refers only to the end of the negotiation process, once an agreement has been reached. An uncontested divorce can certainly be a tricky one.

And that's often what we deal with at Split Simple- complex and difficult cases. We have helped countless couples who walked through our doors believing there was little chance of finding an agreement. They tend to think a courtroom divorce is the only way to solve the knotty problems they're facing.

But Split Simple's process is designed to forge agreement even in the face of such problems. We don't gloss over or ignore disagreements. Instead, we work productively, with each party, to find solutions that work for everyone.

Put simply, just about any issue in your divorce can be resolved with divorce mediation. You can trust in our uncontested divorce process and the skills and experience of our attorney-mediators.

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