Benefits of Divorce Mediation in Denver

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted January 20, 2022

When going through a divorce, you may not realize that there are different options that are available to you. While many try to do it on their own, others go straight for the courtroom. They are ready to fight for everything that they want to get out of this difficult time. They may be prepared to duke it out in court, no matter how long it takes. That being said, there are other options. In fact, Denver divorce mediation might be your best option. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider going through mediation. 

You need someone to help you get through this

uncontested divorce mediation denver

If you are able to agree on everything, you might be able to get a divorce by yourself. However, that is rarely the case. Most divorces aren’t that simple. You may have children to consider, and it might be too hard to decide who should get them (and when). Figuring out child support can also be complicated. Even if you don’t have children, you might be struggling over dividing your assets. You may want to stay in the home that you bought together, and aren’t sure how to do that. Denver divorce mediation lawyers will help you get through the complicated and help you work together to come up with a settlement that works for both of you. 

You get to make the decisions, along with your ex. 

When divorces go through the court system, a judge is going to be the one who decides how to divide everything up, including what is going to happen with your children. The judge isn’t going to know you or your ex, so he or she might not be the best person to decide on the divorce settlement. 

Instead, when you use mediation, you can work together to come up with a settlement that you can both live with. You can both decide what is best for your children. The judge may not realize that one parent does most of the care, so he or she should have the children the majority of the time. 

Your divorce will be resolved faster. 

When you go to the court system to get divorced, you may find yourself stuck in limbo for months. In really tricky situations where both sides won’t give in at all, it could take years to end the marriage. However, when you go through Denver divorce mediation, it is done at your pace. If you have a simple divorce where you already know who is getting what, your marriage could be over rather quickly. If you need extra time, you can move at your own pace. You can take one thing at a time, until you have found the settlement that you both can live with. 

It is cheaper than going through the court system. 

Divorces can really add up, especially if you can’t come to an agreement about something like child custody and support. Every hour your lawyer is fighting for you, it is going to cost you. Since you both are going to need a lawyer, this can quickly add up. 

With mediation, you only have one lawyer, and you will split the fee between you and your ex. You are also less likely to spend hours and days in the courtroom. Instead, you may be able to get your Denver divorce mediation settled within a few hours or days. 

You can also sit down at your own schedule. 

When you go through mediation, it will be on your schedule. You can pick and choose the day and times that work best for you and your ex. You aren’t going to need to take days off in order to go to court. The days that you spend in court will be whenever they can fit you in. It doesn’t work around your schedule. Instead, you show up when they tell you to. 

This will also help you start your new relationship, post-divorce. 

Too many court battles lead to enemies between spouses. This is often true when there are children involved. It can be hard to get over the hurt, and you may end up taking it out on your children.

However, with Denver divorce mediation, you can learn how to communicate better. Your mediation will help you through conflict so that you can reach an agreement that works for both of you. This is a good start to building your new relationship, as co-parents. You may find that you take what you have learned and can apply it when things come up in the future. Your children will benefit from your new relationship, and you may even find yourself spending time together as a family with divorced parents. Some can even bring their new spouses into the picture which is very healthy to show your children. 

When going through divorce, you may not realize that Denver divorce mediation is a good option. However, it could be the best. It is often cheaper, especially since only one lawyer is going to be involved. You won’t end up spending hours, days, and even weeks in court, which make it even more expensive. Mediation is often much faster also. As soon as you learn to communicate and compromise, you may be able to divide up your assets in just a few sessions, allowing you to move on. 

It is also better because you are the ones who are going to be making the decisions, not the judge. Your mediator will help guide you through the decision-making process to ensure that both sides get to speak and then work together to come up with a solution. This will also help you build a new relationship. Especially if you have children, you are going to be in each other’s lives for years to come, so you need to learn how to communicate better. You can use the techniques that have worked in mediation in order to talk and make decisions about the children. You may even be able to become friends, who show up together to support their children! Denver divorce mediation is definitely the best option for couples who have children. 

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