9 Situations Where a Denver Family Law Attorney Can Help You

Uncontested Divorce Mediation

Posted April 6, 2022

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When do you call a family lawyer? Family and personal concerns that cross into legal action are what family law was built for. Family law is the branch of legal practice that concerns families and personal lives. While everyone knows that a family law attorney is needed for divorces and custody agreements, family law truly covers a wide range of needs ranging from wills and estates to adoptions and emancipation. 

The right time to call a Denver family law attorneys isn’t just in times of crisis, you may also benefit from family law during any time of family transition where legal action will smooth the way for your family’s intended future. Let’s dive into the 12 unique circumstances where a family lawyer is the right person to have on your team to achieve your goals, defend your rights, or build a better future.  

The Big Three

Most people know that family law attorneys can help with a divorce. Divorce is a branch of family law, meaning it concerns civil matters relating to the legal family status. A divorce is the severance of a marriage contract, the redistribution of wealth, the determiner of child custody, and itself a contract that must be honored by the separated spouses. So here are the “Big Three” reasons why you might call a family attorney for Denver divorce mediation:

1. When You’re Planning Divorce or Legal Separation

When a divorce or legal separation is in your future, always consult a family lawyer. They will help you outline your options and how your divorce is likely to go. When you’re ready to get started, a Denver family law attorneys can help you build a strong divorce, mediate a divorce agreement, and/or defend you during adversarial divorce negotiations.

Ultimately, your family law attorney will help you draw up the right divorce at the end of the process.

2. When Your Need to Re-Negotiate a Custody Agreement

Your initial divorce may include a custody agreement, but circumstances change over time. If you need to re-negotiate that agreement because of changes with you, your ex, or even your growing children, that’s all perfectly normal. Reach out to a family lawyer to conduct the necessary changes to your divorce contract and custody agreement. This creates a new legally binding custody agreement under the new terms, better adapted to your new circumstances.

3. When a Divorce or Custody Agreement is Not Being Honored

If your ex is not honoring the divorce or custody agreement in a way that is causing problems, seek legal help. A Denver family law attorneys can help you hold your ex to account, exact penalties, extract support payments, or rework the agreement so their rights offer less of an opportunity to hurt you by defying the terms of your divorce agreement.

When Else to Call a Family Law Attorney

Of course, divorce isn’t the only branch of family law. There are many circumstances where a family law attorney is the only person who can help you complete your other goals regarding the family or your personal status as an individual.

4. Legal Name Changing

Want to change your name? That’s family law as well. Contact your Denver family law attorneys to change your name to or from anything you like. Go back to your maiden name, to fit your public persona, to avoid discrimination, or just because you want a different name. You can also have a child’s name changed, for example, to make an adopted baby’s last name match your own.  

5. To Write or Change Your Will & Manage Your Estate

Being prepared for your end-of-life (even if that might be 50 years away) is always a good plan. It’s important to have an active will, even a simple one, so your estate doesn’t pass into probate, with months of government “handling” before your assets can be given to your loved ones – including your home and bank accounts. Every few years as your career and possessions progress, update your will and estate with a local family law attorney.

6. To Re-Negotiate Alimony and Spousal Support

Not all divorce agreements stay the same over time. Especially when it comes to financial support. If you or an ex have partnered with someone new – or if personal finances have changed drastically – you may need to renegotiate a support agreement. Your Denver family law attorneys is who to go to for this exchange. Discuss what has changed and how you would like to cancel or update your spousal support agreement.

7. To Set up a Trust Fund for Your Children

A trust fund is a special account that is reserved for the beneficiary outside of your personal finances. You can also set rules like ‘graduation’ or ‘first child’ to determine when and how much the trust provides to the beneficiary. Many people go to a family lawyer to set up a trust for their children and other future plans. A trust is a good way to store a long-term college fund and a safe place for inheritance – that won’t get caught up in wills and probate should you pass away.

8. Cases of Family Abuse or Neglect

In any issue of abuse or neglect in the family, family law gets involved. Even with divorce, this is our saddest and most violence-related area of practice. Often, family law is brought in to defend the rights of a child, spouse, or elder who is the subject of abuse or neglect. If you know of an incident involving abuse or neglect in a family setting, please reach out to a Denver family law attorneys and the authorities to help stop the abuse.

9. To Write and Handle a Pre-Nuptial or Post-Nuptial Agreement

Prenups and postnups are an important part of some marriage agreements. If you want to draft one of these protective or conditional documents to control some aspect of your marriage or marital assets, come on in. Our family law attorneys are ready to help you hammer out the details and make sure the agreement is fair, functional, and legally on solid ground.

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