8 People You Should Talk To Before Getting a Divorce

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Posted June 9, 2021

So you’ve decided to get a divorce. Now what? For many, simply making the decision is solemn it leaves you unsure where to go after that moment. You’ll need to get your finances and personal items in order. You may be planning a move. You may be charting child custody calendars in your mind. Or you might find yourself staring out into nothing, overwhelmed by the profound changes going on in your life.

Fortunately, Denver divorce mediation is something you don’t face alone. Divorce is a sequence of steps that you are supposed to face with help along the way. Friends and family offer emotional support while you work with a number of professionals to prepare your assets for the divorce itself. Here are the eight people every person contemplating divorce should talk to before officially starting the legal process.

1) A Trusted Friend or Family Member

When it comes to a big decision like Denver divorce mediation, it’s always best to run your thoughts by a trusted friend. Choose a close relative or friend who will lend you their ear for an evening. Talk out the situation, your reasoning, and your idea of the future after divorcing. Having a friend to talk to helps to frame your thoughts and solidify your plans.

If you’re not ready to talk it out yet, start with a journal and frame your thoughts in writing first. This can also help you get ready for a real heart-to-heart as you prepare for the gauntlet of divorce logistics.

2) Your Real Estate Agent

If you own property with your spouse, talk to your real estate agent and your mortgage loan agent.  You don’t have to make a choice on the house immediately. But you do want a clear perspective on the property value, hanging debt, and it’s selling potential. Get an outline of the process for splitting the title (leaving the property with one spouse), and what to expect from selling the house.

Talk about how to pay off your mortgage with a home sale or how to refinance in just one name.

3) Your Bank and Financial Managers

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This leads you to your finances and investments. Get an overview of your finances. Determine how much is in checking, savings, retirement accounts, and investments. If you have private accounts, don’t make drastic changes but start planning for the future. If you have a joint account, proceed with caution. Depending on the nature of your Denver divorce mediation, the right move might to be to freeze shared assets or work together on smart divorce management.

Talk to your bank, your insurance agent, your financial manager, your investments broker, your mortgage lender, and anyone else you have a financial account with. Get the whole picture, get copies or digital links to everything. Make sure it’s available when it comes time to split everything fairly down the middle.

4) A Professional Confidant & Advisor

It’s been found that having a counselor can be essential during the Denver divorce mediation process. This can be any professional whose role includes giving good advice about your life journey. If you have a therapist, counselor, priest, psychiatrist, psychologist, or even a life coach, confide in them during this time. It can help to have someone who is sworn to professional secrecy and who will listen to your thoughts all the way through. Professionals in these roles often can provide some educated advice on how to make smart and careful decisions in your situation.

A professional counselor and confidant can help you guide yourself through this difficult personal time.

5) Your Children’s School Figures

Now is a critical time to become acutely aware of your children’s lives at school and developmentally. Start with acquiring your children’s school records as a matter of keeping your own home records. Then consult with any prominent figures in your children’s lives about how an upcoming life change might effect them.

Talk to your child’s teachers and get their schedule and homework calendar. Talk to your child’s counselor or the school counselor to get perspective. Prepare a full document on your child’s records and how to best support them in the upcoming year.

6) A Career Advisor

A divorce is a big change in your life, one many people accompany with career changes. The personal willpower it takes to complete a divorce can also inspire some willpower to make changes at work. So talk to a career advisor about your potential if you were to make some changes. Whether you’re ready to strive for a promotion or make a lateral move to more interesting work, now is a good time to consider your options. Especially since post-divorce you may have a new schedule and set of personal priorities.

7) Your Family Lawyer

If you have a family lawyer who handles your usual paperwork, loop them into your divorce plans. A shared family lawyer can’t play two halves of a divorce, but they can help if you have a Denver divorce mediation service instead. Your family lawyer can help you assess the state of your assets and where you stand legally. They’ll also have a unique perspective on the best legal terms for your family’s unique situation, being familiar with your legal affairs.

8) A Divorce Mediator

Before you dive into divorce proceedings, talk to a divorce mediator. A mediator works with two parties to find the best terms for everyone involved. Denver divorce mediation minimizes the endless billing hours of an extended two-lawyer divorce by focusing on problem-solving from the beginning.

Every divorce is a set of compromises, only one document can be filed and finalized. So the best approach is to reduce costs and increase beneficial thinking. In many cases, there is an ideal split that will cause the least burden to both spouses and the kids, and the most post-divorce launch velocity.

Talking to a Denver divorce mediator can give you a perspective on the process and whether your spouse is ready for mediation. The practical shared approach is always the most likely to yield solutions that are beneficial for everyone.

Divorce an emotional and logistical gauntlet, but you don’t have to face it alone. There is a small team of professionals ready to help you with the tasks of divorce. From preparing your finances to handling emotional growth, there are people ready to help you get through this divorce as smoothly and positively as possible.

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